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Even though Black Panther: Wakanda Forever looks to top the chart in its third weekend, possibly surpassing $300 million on Tuesday after pulling off $350 million by Sunday, the four big releases on Wednesday are the long Thanksgiving weekend. Are ready to shake the frame that is doing too much. Lamp Box Office. Strange World from Disney, Devotion from Sony, The Fabelmans from Universal, and Bones and All from United Artists Releasing (the latter two spread across just a few screens) made for one of the busiest weekends of the year in terms of new releases. We may not see impressive performances from any of these titles, but the slate should be enough to keep the total box office above $100 million for the third weekend in a row, the first time it’s happened since July (in fact, last (two in a row over the weekend for the first time since July). It will also be the first weekend in a month in which two titles top $10 million and it could be the first weekend since July where two films grossed more than $20 million, and it could be the first time that The entire top five since August is over $5 million. . None of this is to say that this will be a great or even a good Thanksgiving weekend, but it is an improvement over most of the fall.

Of the new releases, the biggest opening will come from Walt Disney Animation Studios. strange world, which opens in 4000 theaters. The old-fashioned sci-fi adventure is about a family exploring a mysterious planet, and features voice acting. Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, Jabuki young-white, Gabriel Unionand Lucy Liu. The market is ripe for a new animated film, with no significant tone since July’s DC League of Super-Pets, and a big animated title from the House of Mouse has practically become the new Thanksgiving tradition, every With a Disney or Pixar animated release in November. For the last decade except 2020. At 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, reviews suggest strange world It’s a worthy if not ideal addition to the list, but the box office looks down.

Last year’s Thanksgiving weekend release Encanto was the softest opener for Disney animation in more than a decade (barring Rhea and the Last Dragon , which released deeper into the pandemic), with $27.2 million for three days and $40.5 for five. Take million dollars. -day. It ended up with a domestic cume of $96.1 million, just one month after Disney+ was available to hit streamers in time for Christmas, a fate that might have happened. strange world. Although the box office climate is healthier than it was a year ago, on early numbers strange world are underperforming Encanto. keep in mind Encanto It got a boost from a large Latino turnout, making up nearly 60 percent of the opening weekend audience, though that’s certainly not the full story because the numbers are lagging behind. strange world It probably won’t make it past $20 million for three days and $30 million for five days, which would be unimpressive milestones even if they were accomplished.

as for strange world From an international perspective, the sport is expected to be softer than usual with many markets outside of the game. France is a key one, with Disney sending it directly to Disney+ as a way to bypass the country’s long release window mandate. We’ll never know how much money is left on the table theatrically, but for what it’s worth, Encanto It earned $24 million in France out of a worldwide total of $160 million. There are several countries where Disney has decided not to submit a film to censors because of a prominent LGBTQ character in the film. The most important of these markets is China, where it may not have been liberalized at all, but there are also the Middle East and most of West and East Africa, Southeast Asia, and South Asia (notable exceptions include India and Thailand), not to mention the constant absence of Hollywood releases in Russia. Of those markets where Encanto Released but strange world don’t have, Encanto Make just under $25 million (and that’s not including the $24 million from France). The film’s production budget comes to $135 million, so the outlook here isn’t great.

Much less is expected of the adult titles, all expected to come in single-digit millions for three days and possibly five days. Yes, the box office is in a better place than it was a year ago, but it doesn’t look like any of the new adult titles will top the final tax-giving House of Gucci, which is up to $14.4 million and $22 million for three days. was opened Five days and an eventual total of $53.8 million. It’s hardly a disaster, but it’s the best showing for a mature title in the Omicron-variant-infested winter. This year, it would be a lucky result for any new adult title.

Korean war movie insanityA biopic about the first African-American airman in the Navy, could take a third as it opens in 3,400 theaters. The film is headed Jonathan Majors And Glen Powell (in this year’s second Air Force flick) and is a domestic release from Sony. Critics like the film (77% on Rotten Tomatoes), and the real-world content sets it apart from other big-budget spectacles currently in theaters, but it’s hard to imagine it having the overall merit of a big-budget war epic. .

There is also competition for third place Bones and allwhich sees Call Me by Your Name director Luca Guadagnino with again Timothée Chalamet A hemp road trip romance that also stars Taylor Russell And Mark Reliance. The film opened in five theaters last Friday and earned $137k as of Tuesday. This is another critically acclaimed work Guadagnino (85% on Rotten Tomatoes), but it’s unclear how much mainstream appeal this has. Chalmette Fans can give it a boost, though, and with a $20 million budget, the stakes aren’t as high as other weekend releases.

Finally, there is the expansion Steven Spielberg’s Autobiographical family and filmmaking story Fableman, which jumps to nearly 600 theaters after playing in four theaters for two weeks (it has grossed $330k as of Tuesday). This is one to play through awards season, given the rave reviews (93% on Rotten Tomatoes) and plenty of Oscar buzz, and the appeal may be broader than many other awards hopefuls on the market. Still, the $40 million budget is huge for an adult drama this season, and even Spielberg Has rarely struggled to spin box office gold, we might be in for another West Side Story , which opened with $10.6 million and finished last winter with $38.5 million.

If all that wasn’t enough, there’s also a busy weekend of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery in 638 theaters. Netflix won’t release the numbers, but it could give other, broader new releases a run for their money.

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