‘Ticket to Paradise’ Crosses $100 Million at Global Box Office – Deadline | Techno Glob

Universal / Working Title ticket to heaven It has crossed the 100 million dollar mark globally. Along with Tuesday’s collection, there’s the Julia Roberts-George Clooney rom-com split $20.6M domestic and $81.9M From the international box office to the worldwide total $102.5M so far.

Early release abroad, ticket to heavenDirected by Ollie Parker, it just came out in North America this past weekend. With a $16.3M launch, it exceeded projections and generated an A- CinemaScore; It is currently 89% positive with the audience.

The topical romp about a divorced couple who team up and travel to Bali to stop their daughter from making the same mistake she once did has been humming along nicely since its launch in early September. The noise rollout has begun, which has helped bring back the “older” woman. The demo that has been most reluctant to return to cinemas. Domestically, the launch-weekend audience was 64% aged 35 and over.

The top five offshore markets are Australia ($9.9M), UK/Ireland ($9.7M), Germany ($9.6M), Spain ($3.8M) and Saudi Arabia ($3.4M). Japan is still scheduled to be released on November 3.

This session, and at today’s exchange rate, ticket to heaven exceeded the total overseas limit About time And yesterdayHowever, the EMEA region ended its life last christmas. Also, 29 markets are now closed Bridget Jones’s Child Including Mexico in the most recent frame.

Earlier this month, this latest collaboration for Roberts and Clooney reached a new milestone. The five films in which the megastar has worked together have collectively grossed $1 billion at the worldwide box office.

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