The unedited Android 14 beta features a to hand tweak to the At a Look widget

Swipe between pages at once from the lock display screen

A number of the myriad advantages of proudly owning a Pixel smartphone is get admission to to unique options like At a Look — Google’s devoted lock display screen and residential display screen widget — providing fast get admission to to knowledge on native climate, package deal deliveries, doorbells, then occasions, and several other alternative metrics. In its tide method on Android 13, the At a Look house display screen widget supplies swipeable pages when there’s multiple alert pending within the stack. However customers are not able to take action with the All the time On Show (AOD) enabled or from the lock display screen. However that appears to be converting now, a minimum of with Android 14 Beta 4, with the At a Look lock display screen widget gaining swipeable playing cards, denoted with dots when there’s multiple alert pending.



We gained a tip from a few our readers in this constituent and may independently corroborate its enabling with Android 14 Beta 4. On the identical life, it doesn’t seem to be survive Android 14 Beta 3 or the latest Android 13 strong drop. It’s nonetheless now not technically imaginable to swipe between pages from the AOD display screen since interacting with it in any method turns at the lock display screen. Nonetheless, it’s handy to swipe between more than one signals from the lock display screen widget instead than taking to the house display screen each and every life, as illustrated within the video beneath.

That is a kind of options that we want existed from age one, however we’ll welcome its inclusion at this level however. For the reason that At a Look too can trade in extremity signals, preserve a few keystrokes may well be rather useful in getting the important knowledge in an instant.

This Pixel-exclusive constituent is continuously evolving, and we’ve lately revealed an under-development At a Look widget for the Google app, with the corporate one at a time running on providing signals from this widget when the consumer is uncovered to boisterous sounds of their neighborhood. A number of the alternative impressive constituent within the works is signals from ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber.

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