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Leonardo Munoz/Getty

Leonardo Munoz/Getty

Overwhelmed by lawsuits and ongoing trials, the Trump Organization chose Wednesday to settle with anti-MAGA protesters beaten by corporate security guards outside Trump Tower in 2015 rather than try to convince a Bronx jury.

Defense lawyers decided to settle at the last minute — a tough venture in liberal New York City — about former President Donald Trump and his namesake company.

Minutes after Judge Andrew Cohen sent prospective jurors to lunch, lawyers for the Trump Organization approached the protesters who filed the lawsuit and presented them with a stack of documents they had quietly signed.

Efren Galicia, the lead prosecutor, signed the agreement along with Florencia Tejeda Pérez, Miguel Villalobos and Norberto Garcia.

“The parties all agree that the plaintiffs in the action and all persons have the right to peaceful protest on public sidewalks,” the agreement states.

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Alina Habba, who represents the Trump Organization, declined to discuss the terms of the settlement. She signed the contract at 12:32 p.m

“This matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties,” said Benjamin Dichter, who represents the protesters.

In the Bronx—a diverse, blue-collar borough known for its no-nonsense street smarts—juries there often hand out large awards to prosecutors, especially when punishing corporations and the wealthy.

As legal writer Victoria Beckimpis recently explained on TwitterCivil rights advocates described Bronx jurors as “Robinhood-ism” and that “they take from the rich and give to the rest.”

Galicia and fellow protesters appeared outside Trump Tower in the summer of 2015, weeks after Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency. He was angered by his racist comments in which he slammed Mexican immigrants seeking asylum in the United States as “rapists.” He sought to draw attention to the potential dangers of Trump’s statements and presidential ambitions, as he was recently endorsed by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

As they left outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in KKK hoods and large signs—a public street—Trump corporate security guards attacked them, confronting Galicia and ripping a sign from his hand.

Although protesters soon sued the company, the lawsuit was put on hold while Trump was in the White House. The damning details didn’t emerge until this year from a surprise witness in an upstairs office: Michael Cohen, Trump’s then-right-hand lawyer, who revealed that the executive had ordered his security chief to personally rescue protesters—and then reveled in their abuse.

“Justice is done,” Galicia said as she walked down the steps of the courthouse after the agreement was signed.

“And remember, the sidewalk belongs to the people — no matter whose name is on the building,” Dichter added.

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