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WILMINGTON, Del., November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Reliance Tactical was founded to train people in the responsible and defensive use of firearms. In a recent report by the Crime Prevention Research Center, armed citizens were shown to stop at least 34% of active shooter attacks. Amid rising crime and security anxiety, Reliance owner, Kevin O’Shaughnessyoffers Concealed Carry, Beginner Pistol, Advanced Pistol, Defensive Rifle, Simulator Shooting, and Private Sessions that cover everything the student wants to learn.

Anyone who is willing to learn and disciplined to practice can learn the safe handling of firearms, the enjoyment of shooting, the defensive use of firearms, and the responsibilities and constitutional implications of gun ownership, believes Kevin.

There were both students in his first Delaware concealed carry to classify. One such student, Glenn, wrote, “I took the concealed carry class and learned more in that class than in a previous class taught by older pros. The class was interspersed with techniques of Shooting and shooting for fun, with practice loading, , fixing jams and misfires. Excellent course from a knowledgeable instructor.”

Since that first course, Kevin has trained over 400 people in dozens of courses. His teaching repertoire includes an exceptional knowledge of the laws that apply to firearms possession and shooting. Kevin is NRA certified, and a State of Delaware– and State of Maryland– approved concealed carry instructor. He strives to give students the best knowledge and instruction in the use of firearms in a fun and safe environment.

While he can (literally) hit a fly on a target, he recognizes there’s a lot more to being a firearms instructor. Kevin is a diligent student, always trying to improve his knowledge and skills. He is well versed in defensive shooting techniques as he has studied under law enforcement veterans, as well as nationally recognized organizations: Warrior Poet Society, Tactical Response and Defensive Training International. Readers interested in learning more about Kevin’s background and the journey that led him to found Reliance Tactical can read his interview at The Sunday review.

Simulator exercises are the most recent training offered, making Tactical dependency unique within the framework of the local formation. It is an economical way to train as it requires no ammunition, but gives the student the realistic feel of a firearm. The student can safely practice moving and shooting without endangering anyone. There are a variety of scenarios where the student must develop their judgment to know when to shoot a bad guy or when to hold back. Students who fear live fire or want to practice in various settings benefit from the simulator.

One student, Caroline, said: “I had never dealt with firearms before my lesson with Kevin. I was a little nervous, but once he started I felt comfortable. Safety was a priority from the start. Kevin was extremely knowledgeable and had an answer to every question. If you’re curious about firearms and want to gain experience, Kevin is your guy. It was also a lot of fun!”

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