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Another unforgivably rainy weekend at the domestic box office, Jessica M. Thompson’s invitation topped the chart with a total gross of $7 million. Save for the summer of 2020, it’s only the fourth time We have an August chart-topping opener under $10 million Since (Until I Miss You) Kano: City of Angels ($9.7 million) and Island of Dr. Moreau ($9.1 million) in 1996 and Honeymoon in Vegas ($7.3 million) 1992. The film that was two years ago this weekend The New Mutants Which grossed $7.5 million despite indoor theaters in New York, LA (I saw it at a drive-in) and other locations closed due to covid concerns.

I don’t think Sylvester Stallone’s Samaritan (an okay grim-for-kids superhero fantasy that feels like it’s time-traveled from 1994) will be a hit. If it had stayed in theaters instead of going to Amazon, it might have topped the domestic box office by default. Heck, last weekend was the 16th birthday Snake on the plane. The film disappointed with a $13.85 million launch, becoming a prime example of how online hype doesn’t translate into general audience interest. Today, like a movie Snake on the plane (Or Idris Elba’s animal) Opening with around $14 million would be almost miraculous. Ten years ago, Sony’s property It opened with $17.3 million, which was considered business as usual.

Poorly reviewed (29% and 4.9/10 from Rotten Tomatoes) Vampire Chiller, loosely based on Bram Stoker Dracula, stars Nathalie Emmanuel and Thomas Doherty. Its price was 10 million dollars. I think the $6.5 million startup is better than Sony but, which earned a total of $2 million this past March. I’m curious enough to try and check it out this week if time permits. Here’s hoping for a 20th century studio’ brutal (a spooky and pretty fun original horror room) that opens on September 9th can open for close to business as usual. Tent two years ago Once again I wish. There is demand, but there is no supply.

George Miller returns to cinema with United Artists Releasing A wish of three thousand years. A visually stimulating and generally compelling concept about a lonely workaholic who meets a genie and must figure out how to make wishes that don’t backfire probably wouldn’t have been much of a hit 20 years ago. would have. Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba are more respectable spies than bits-on-set drags, and Miller was never a marquee filmmaker. However, the picture earned $2.876 million in its opening weekend. The flick cost $60 million, and most of the money is on the screen. At least it got a wide theatrical release, unlike Ron Howard’s $55 million 13 lives.

The next biggest new release was the IMAX reissue Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Disney reissued, timed to promote Disney+ Indore Debuting on September 21, it earned $1.1 million over the weekend for a new $533.277 million domestic total. As a sign of the times, it will post the best per-theater average ($4,313) for any film this weekend. If it miraculously avoids sinking like a rock next weekend, it may do so in the past The Dark Knight ($534.9 million in 2008) on the all-time domestic charts. Lead by Felicity Jones star wars The story is now the tenth-biggest IMAX title with $105 million, though Top Gun: Maverick is riding on its tail with $104.7 million.

Bleecker Street to break It grossed just $1.022 million in 902 theaters that weekend. The well-reviewed hostage drama concerns a Navy vet who robs a bank and takes hostages after Veterans Affairs refuses help. It would be nice if people (correctly) argued that John Boyega was screwed star wars And/or Nicole Behari was spoiled sleep sleep Will also show for non-franchise flicks, but c’est la vie. Still, a confirmed dinner about unresolved social issues wouldn’t have been much of a hit 30 years ago. As far as focus features Save your soul for Jesus Breakout, two big new things will happen over Labor Day weekend quarrels And Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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