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It has lengthy been believed that actuality TV’s most controversial or “depraved” contestants have been employed by the present’s producers as paid actors with the only real goal of making drama.

That is precisely what some followers imagine occurred in The Bachelors season ten with casting Jessica Navin, who finds herself in a polyamorous relationship off the present, and Tash Candyce, who abruptly left the villa solely to return her shock days later.

The Bachelors' Jessica Navin and Tash Candyce.

Some followers are satisfied Jessica Navin and Tash Candyce are paid actors on The Bachelors. Photographs: Channel 10

former Bachelor Contestant Laura O’Loughlin, who was a fan favourite on Jimmy Nicholson’s 2021 season of the courting present, took to social media this week to reiterate that idea and clarify the stunning motive why she thinks it is true is.

“I am very assured that Jessica Navin and Tash Candyce are paid actors, vegetation, no matter you wish to name them,” she mentioned on her Instagram story.


“It is simply that I do not see every other alternate options as to why their full names are used once they’re referred to. When the women and the boys check with them, they are saying their full names. There aren’t any different Jess and Tash.

“And their storylines are so messy, so it is simply attention-grabbing. It looks like her full identify was a part of her “performing contract” to realize notoriety or no matter. As is Damien John Kelly, who’s Jessica’s “faux prop boyfriend” or no matter.

“It simply feels prefer it’s all staged for drama as a result of in any other case their present is so boring.”

The Bachelor Laura O'Loughlin.

Former Bachelor star Laura O’Loughlin believes Jessica and Tash are actors as a result of they’re the one contestants to be referred to as by their full names. Photograph: channel 10

‘publicity stunt’

Communicate with yahoolifestyle, Jessica and Tash’s co-star Krystal Thomas denies there have been any paid actors on the present, however reveals why she believes their full names have been used.

“It is actually very attention-grabbing,” she says. “So inside the first week of filming we have been saying their regular names like Jessica and Tash, however then I believe someday Jessica mentioned, ‘Oh, you guys ought to begin calling me Jessica Navin.’


“After which, as we thought of it, we realized she’s simply placing her identify in for publicity! It is a publicity stunt by each! Additionally, you say their names and Jessica Navin simply rolls off the tongue, and Tash Candyce rolls off the tongue.

She continues, “Each of them aren’t my favourite folks if I am being utterly sincere, however I believe it is nearly getting folks to know their names. Which is okay, do it ladies! It is a model!”

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