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This year has been a particularly successful year for horror movies at the box office no, black phone And brutal Very effective. However, the horror film genre has also had its fair share of box office bombs, some of which have become outright financial disasters.

In many cases, promising films were derailed by behind-the-scenes drama that resulted in failure. Other films simply failed to attract the audience with their horror and thrills. Although there are many success stories in the genre to celebrate, these are some of the biggest horror movie bombs of all time.

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10/10 Ghostbusters (2016)

Budget: $144 million / International gross: $229 million

Although the continuity of popular heritage Ghostbusters: The Afterlife The beloved franchise seems to have been revived, after its successful first reboot failed at the box office. of 2016 Ghostbusters The comedy assembled a team of female comedians as well as cameos from the original cast members.

Unfortunately, the film did not have enough interest from the audience despite the good reviews. It went from a budget of $144 million to a worldwide total of $229.1 million. But after theaters’ revenue sharing and advertising budgets, The Hollywood Reporter estimates that the movie studio lost $70 million.

9/10 The Mummy (2017)

Budget: $125 million / International gross: $409 million

While the MCU proved that a cinematic universe can be very profitable, other studios have struggled to find similar success with their efforts. The proposed Dark Universe movies aim to connect the various Universal monster movies with some big names attached.

Tom Cruise mummy Get out the door first and kill the whole idea. Cruise played a para who comes up against ancient monsters. But despite Cruise’s star power, audiences and critics turned on the film, which Deadline reported as a $95 million loss.

8/10 The Stepford Wives (2004)

Budget: $100 million / International gross: $96.2 million

Sometimes even a star-studded cast can make for a disappointing film. Such was the situation Stepford Wivesa remake of a horror film about a community in an affluent suburb where wives turn into complacent robots.

With stars like Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close, and Christopher Walken, the film seemed to have a lot going for it. But while those big names may have drawn in some audiences initially, poor word of mouth saw it fall nearly $4 million short of its $100 million budget.

7/10 Wolfman (2010)

Budget: $150 million / International gross: $142.6 million

Before the Dark Universe crashed and burned, another classic Universal monster tried and failed to make a comeback on the big screen. Wolfman The big-budget horror remake starred Benicio del Toro as a man who returns to his childhood English estate only to be eaten and turned into a werewolf.

With some amazing design work and a talented cast including Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt, Wolfman A great retelling of the classic story. But it failed to catch on with audiences at $7.4 million below its budget.

6/10 The New Mutants (2020)

Budget: $67 million / International gross: $49 million

The X-Men franchise was known for superhero action, but The New Mutants Also tried to add an interesting horror element. The film centers around a group of young mutants housed in a research facility as they soon find themselves targeted by a sinister entity.

Perhaps with news of the MCU acquiring the rights to the X-Men, Fox left little interest for the franchise. But constant reshoots and delays certainly helped the film gross $17 million less than its original budget.

5/10 RIPD (2013)

Budget: $130 million / International gross: $79 million

as Ghostbusters Well done with the mix of horror and humor. RPD Tried doing the same thing but with less successful results. Ryan Reynolds plays a cop who is killed in the line of duty and is later recruited into the police force along with his cowboy partner (Jeff Bridges).

The film had a lot of potential but turned into what many felt was a boring and slow action-comedy without any punches or laughs. Its box office failure of $50.9 million helped ensure that the franchise never got off the ground.

4/10 Attack (2007)

Budget: $80 million / International gross: $40 million

original Attack of body thieves Seen as a sci-fi horror movie classic and the 1978 version is a remake that may be better than the original. However, the most recent attempt to retell the story falls far short of these versions.

Played by Nicole Kidman attack As a psychic who uncovers an alien invasion in which humans have been impersonated. After a disappointing first cut with extensive reshoots, the film was in trouble even before it hit theaters. From a huge budget of $80 million, the film earned only half of that internationally.

3/10 black planet (2000)

Budget: $80 million / International gross: $15.9 million

It seems that science fiction horror films have a particularly hard time at the box office as many of them are notable bombs. black planet Mission to Mars marks one of the worst failures in the dark story, which is threatened when a robot goes rogue and targets the team.

The special effects work for the film had a budget of $80 million, but due to terrible reviews and several late releases, the film did not find a large audience. It ended up being less than $16 million.

2/10 The Astronaut’s Wife (1999)

Budget: $75 million / International gross: $19.5 million

There was another film to combine sci-fi and horror Astronaut’s wife. Johnny Depp plays an astronaut whose mission into space fails only for him to return home safely. Charlize Theron plays his wife who notices strange changes in him and suspects that it is not really her husband who has returned from space.

Despite having two big names in the lead, Astronaut’s wife It was met with scathing reviews from critics and apathy from audiences. With a budget of $75 million, the film only managed to earn $10 million.

1/10 Supernova (2000)

Budget: $90 million / International gross: $14 million

Like with movies stranger Searching for horrors born in space, Supernova Trying to tell another horror story set in the depths of space. It follows a group of astronauts on a rescue mission who find themselves in a deadly encounter.

Whatever potential the film had, it was drowned out by a chaotic production process. Walter Hill directed the film only to be released when the studio interfered too much. Oscar-winner Francis Ford Coppola came to edit the film only to leave. It ended up being a mess of a movie that only got a fraction of the $90 million budget.

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