Teejay Slams Manufacturer DJ Mac Over Possession Of Collision Track ‘Glide’

Drama is brewing round Teejay’s summer time anthem, Glide. 

Even though Jason ‘DJ Mac‘ McDowell is credited as the producer for the infectious track, the ‘Uptop Boss’ says the original instrumentalist and manufacturer is his Cast Company mate, Panda. With the file attracting extra alternatives for Teejay, together with publishing and recording trade in with Warner Track, the singjay claims DJ Mac is making an attempt to swoop ill on manufacturing credit to capitalise off the tune. 

“A Panda song, yuh cannot get the song,” Teejay stated all through an Instagram Continue to exist Monday. “You do not produce the song. Yuh nuh build the rhythm. Yuh nuh have a contract between you and Panda… Lowe the song mek the song strive.”

DJ Mac didn’t reply to DancehallMag‘s needs for remark as much as pace of publishing.

Sharing the tale in the back of the founding of Glide, Teejay stated Panda despatched him the riddim, titled Banga Rock, on March 5. 

“Panda link mi seh him waan be a producer but it a go tek a lot for him, so, mi seh, ‘Panda, no problem’.”

Cast Company friends Panda (left) and Teejay

Panda isn’t any newcomer to track, however labored as a ghost instrumentalist on songs like Skeng’s Eediatt, Spice’s Bake a Guy and Vybz Kartel’s Tight Endlessly

Teejay recorded Glide in Miami, Florida, later sought to search out the appropriate manufacturer to worth because the face of the file. Consulting with selector Growth Growth, he was once instructed to self-produce Glide. But, he made up our minds, “seh a Panda song but mi ‘go put Mac pon it same way.”

Manufacturer DJ Mac

The alleged association is now developing battle shape copyright authorship and royalties. 

“Yah go have your people dem now a reach out to Warner Music a tell Warner Music how a your song bro,” Teejay stated on IG Reside. “Yuh never build the rhythm bro, a Panda build the rhythm bro… And if a yuh likkle people weh yuh sign to nowadays bro, mi never even want it reach yah so fi feel seh a people a program yuh or dem thing deh but bro, you and Panda never have no agreement to the song…”

He upcoming added, “If yuh feel like seh a money we get offa the song, nobody nuh get no money offa the song… If me call yuh phone and put yuh pon my song, why yuh feel mi woulda get money and nuh give you money?”

Teejay at Warner Track Crew, Untouched York, in June.

Teejay went directly to label DJ Mac “corrupt” and “badmind”, including that he must have stayed in his drama-free lane rather of together with him. 

“All a text mi phone a tell mi bout ‘memba who yuh get strength from’… Yuh never buss Teejay. Mi have Rags to Riches, mi have Owna Lane, how much song before yuh… Yuh too badmind. Yuh too corrupt youth and yaa vampire.”

“Yuh dweet to the next youth weh produce Speed Off..ya too f–k up, bro,” he added. “Oonu a vampire inna Dancehall…when yu si the youth them ah rise ‘low the youth, DJ Mac.”

Glide is nearing 1.5 million streams on Spotify and is getting important airplay on radio in the USA. The track video has attracted 5.3 million perspectives.

The Banga Rock riddim additionally options Badness Improve via Continual Regulation, Flames Rock via Kaka Highflames, and Tan Suh via Dystans.

23-year-old DJ Mac may be credited for generating a number of alternative clash songs over the ultimate two years, together with Valiant‘s Speed Off, Jahshii‘s Born Fighter and 25/8, Rytikal’s Selected, Squash’s Charge Who Charge You, and Continual Regulation’s Nonetheless A Bleed.

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