Suriname signed a security assistance agreement with the United States | Techno Glob

The governments of Suriname and the United States have signed an agreement on drug control and law enforcement.

The agreement is part of the implementation of the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI).

The documents were signed by Suriname’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Albert Ramdin, and outgoing US Ambassador Karen Williams signed on behalf of her country. Also present was Suriname’s Minister of Justice and Police, Kenneth Amoxi.

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The agreement concerns additional funding for anti-narcotics and law enforcement.

“The use of the funds is twofold. On the one hand, they work for the anti-narcotics operations of the Suriname Police Corps, on the other hand, they finance operations in relation to money laundering and related financial crimes,” said Amoksi.

Additional funding amounts to a total of US$300,000 to initiate and sustain CBSI projects.

The CBSI is a partnership between the United States and countries in the region aimed at enhancing security in the Caribbean.

In this context concerted efforts are being made to reduce illegal activities.

Amoxi said that the cooperation with the ambassadors going out of the US has been very fruitful.

He added that there is still a need for training at the ministerial level in the area of ​​human trafficking.


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