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Gaalodu, directed by Rajashekhar Reddy Pulicherla, is doing well at the box office. After debuting on the big screen on November 18, the romantic action drama has collected Rs 5.97 crore at the box office within 6 days. According to reports, in the Telugu states, Galudu collected Rs 1.21 crore on day 1, Rs 1.14 crore on day 2, Rs 1.61 crore on day 3, Rs 84 lakh on day 4, Rs 65 lakh on day 5 and Rs 52 lakh on day 6. done 5.97 crore gross and Rs 3.20 crore nett.

Ahead of its release, the Siddigali Sudheer-starrer reportedly did a pre-release business of Rs 2.70 crore. The Telugu film has already crossed its breakeven target of Rs 3 crore and is witnessing a steady run in the cinema halls.

Galudu stars Sudegli Sudhir and Gehna Supi in the lead roles. The film marked Sudheer’s first big screen venture and acting debut in Telugu cinema. Apart from directing, Rajshekhar Reddy Plecharla has also written romantic action dramas.

There was a lot of anticipation around the film ever since its title was announced. Amid much anticipation, the Gaalodu trailer was unveiled earlier this month, and it garnered over 2 million views on YouTube within 24 hours of its launch.

Audiences had appreciated Sudhir’s screen presence in Galudu. However, the film’s plot received mixed response from critics. Apart from Sudheer and Gehna Sippy, Saptagiri and Shakalaka Shankar are also playing important roles in the Tollywood film.

The plot of Galudu revolves around Raju (Sudhir), a reckless man who escapes to Hyderabad after a fight with the son of a local politician. On reaching Hyderabad, he develops feelings for Shukla (Ghana Sippy), a girl from a rich family, after working as his driver. What happens when Raju expresses his feelings to Shukla creates the crux of this romantic action.

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