Social Security Update: The monthly $841 Supplemental Security Income payment will be sent today | Techno Glob

BSupplemental Security Income beneficiaries will receive their regular $841 monthly payments today.

SSI-eligible couples will receive monthly payments of $1,261 on Nov. 1 with dependents, or those who live with and provide care for SSI recipients, will receive payments of $421 at the beginning of the following month. good

The Social Security Administration sends SSI payments on the first day of each month, but when that day falls on a holiday or weekend, payments are issued on the last weekday of the first day of the following month, according to the agency.

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Scheduling quirks occur for January, May and October payments this year, and beneficiaries will receive two of their 12 payments for the year in the same calendar month.

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SSI payments to eligible individuals and couples were first issued by the Social Security Administration in January 1974. To combat year-over-year inflation, the cost-of-living adjustment payment has increased since 1975, according to the agency.

Some analysts estimate that Social Security will go bankrupt in 2034 at the earliest unless Congress acts.

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