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For two consecutive weeks, the magic number of the top film at the box office was $19 million, as female king And Don’t worry darling They were opened in the same way, although now they are on different routes. Then comes another horror film in September to not only rule the weekend, but also have the best opening of the month. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise as we head into Halloween, because genre fans are so loyal. But the bigger story may be that audiences of all sizes simply ignored the first major gay romantic comedy released by a major studio.

King of the Harvest: the smile Best opening score of the month

Killer Clowns, Nuns, and False Objects are September’s top horror movies. Throw in an Emily Rose exorcism, a Shyamalan tour, and some resident evils and you have your $20+ million territory. is the the smile Now that a franchise has gone down the path of a $17 million budgeted film to lead the box office this weekend to $22 million (and $14.5 million internationally)? Only time will tell, but considering it’s about a chained curse, it could theoretically go on forever until you pull Denzel Washington. the fall. Speaking of chained curses, one thing that horror movies that open in September have in common is their front-loaded nature. Of those that have opened to $18 million or more, the best multiples still belong thatwhich itself is an anomaly given that it had a monster opening ($123 million) and still that debut (2.65). stigmataThe lowest debut on the list with $18.3 million is the best multiple with 2.73. The average rating of the 11 movies in question — a list that includes seven franchise/universe titles — is just 2.37. The average of the four “original” movies comes in at 2.59. So let’s get set MercThe first final estimate between $52-57 million and watch as it surpassed other horror hits of September, brutalwhich brought its total over $33 million this weekend.

Bad feedback: Bros Failed to attract the audience

Unfortunately, Billy Eichner’s Bros It opened to just $4.8 million this weekend. Touted as the first major studio mainstream gay romantic comedy with a primarily all-LGBTQ cast, the film received no support at the box office. Eichner may not be a household name, but neither is the Judd Apatow brand, which once grossed more than $121 million in theaters in early big-screen roles starring Michael Cera and Jonah Hill. Comedies with gay characters and themes (played by popular straight actors) became successful in 1996 (Bird cage) and 1997 (inside out). But here in 2022, audiences not only missed an opportunity to see a truly funny and appreciated film (Certified Free at 91% on Tomatometer, it’s only the sixth live-action film in major release this year. High) But also to ensure that studios would be willing to take a chance on greenlighting the same films Bros. Those who went out to see it were surveyed by CinemaScore Bros After the first “A” rating for an R-rated film Judas and the Black Messiah In February 2021. In an even more depressing context, the 2003 A boat tripCuba Gooding Jr. The movie, where two straight men pretend to be gay, opened with $6.1 million, adjusted for inflation.

Top 10 and beyond: Don’t worry darling suffering from severe shortages,

Every film that makes almost half of its opening weekend on Thursday and Friday drops off significantly in its second weekend, but Don’t worry darling Of course it did. Last week we said it would have to stay at least $9 million more to put it on pace for $50 million. This week it dropped 62 percent to just $7.2 million; Good enough for second place, but after 10 days its total falls back to $32.8 million Rambo: Last Blood, which finished with just $44.8 million. Even worse is the fact that it is the last Rambo The film earned $8.5 million in its second frame before suffering a big drop-off to $3.59 million in three weeks. Darling Expect to be up next weekend, but if it does, it could still end up in the $45-50 million range and have some to clear its $35 million budget and marketing costs. International support will be needed. It has made $22 million so far.

female kingOn the other hand, business continues to be strong. Another $6.9 million this weekend reached $17 million after 46.7 days. That puts it officially ahead of its pace Burn after readingwhich was $45.5 million after a $6.1 million third weekend. female king Now $60 million is in the driver’s seat to clear, a strong domestic number that will still count on some international help to meet the $50 million budget. It has only made $1.3 million outside the US and Canada to date.

Fighting groups continue in this week’s top 10 Ponniyin Selvan: Part I It reached number 6 with $4 million in just 500 theaters, and re-releases avatar They have raised $4.6 million and $18 million since last week. In other big news, Top Gun: Maverick May spent its final weekend in the top 10 with another $1.1 million, bringing its total to over $713 million. meanwhile, DC League of Super Pets It has now earned $91 million (and $186 million worldwide) on a $90 million budget. Finally, bullet train It managed to cross the $100 million mark domestically this week, though it’s still far from out of the red with $38 million, even considering its $131 million international hit.

On the wine: Amsterdam And Layla, layla, layla Duke took it out

Families and adults will battle it out for the top spot next week. In one corner you have David O Russell’s star studded cast Amsterdam switch on. The R-rated film starring Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, and John David Washington has yet to wow critics; Currently at just 33% on the Tomatometer, it may become the only mainstream film to have a wide release in Russell theaters. is in the other corner Lila, Lila Kamar With the vocal style of Shawn Mendes. The Singing Crook is the first new family film to hit theaters since DC League of Super Pets At the end of July.

Complete list of box office results: September 30 – October 2, 2022



the smile

  • $22 million ($22 million in total)



Don’t worry darling

  • $7.3 million ($32.8 million total)



female king

  • $7 million ($46.7 million total)




  • $4.8 million ($4.8 million total)




  • $4.7 million ($18.6 million total)


Ponniyin Selvan: Part I

  • $4.8 million ($28.4 million total)




  • $2.82 million ($33.1 million total)



bullet train

  • $1.4 million ($101.3 million total)



DC League of Super Pets

  • $1.3 million ($91.7 million total)



Top Gun: Maverick

  • $1.23 million ($713.5 million total)

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