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San Jose, California, October 11, 2022 – Skybox Security today announced the next generation of its award-winning Security Posture Management platform – including the industry’s first software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for security policy and vulnerability management. . Propelling its global customer base into the next era of proactive cybersecurity, key innovations drive its platform that continuously tests attack feasibility, exposure, remediation options and compliance in hybrid environments.

“Today, we are fulfilling our mission to create the world’s leading security posture management platform,” said Gidi Cohen, CEO and founder of Skybox Security. “Skybox equips customers with the hybrid network modeling, path analysis and automation they need to reduce the risk of a significant data breach by 55%. Our latest innovation is critical for customers deploying on-prem, as well as for customers who will benefit from our new SaaS solution. The new Skybox Cloud Edition offers the speed, scale, innovation and productivity benefits to pursue broader digital business opportunities powered by the cloud.”

Expansion in Cyber ​​Asset Attack Surface Management

Challenging the status quo with a dynamic, new approach to Cyber ​​Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM), Skybox visualizes all assets through API integration, identifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities using proprietary threat intelligence, sees gaps in security controls, and automatically provides remediation options. In addition, significant advancements in the proprietary SkyBox network model enable customers to dynamically model operational technology, IT and hybrid cloud environments – including all networking and security data associated with a specific asset.

According to Gartner Research: “CAASM enables CAASM to improve basic security hygiene by ensuring that security controls, security postures and asset exposures are understood and remedied. Organizations implementing CAASM reduce reliance on indigenous systems and manual collection processes and eliminate gaps either manually or manually. or through automated workflows. Organizations can support security tool coverage, attack surface management (ASM) processes, and an appropriate system of records that may contain outdated or missing data.

The industry’s first solution to automatically map vulnerabilities to malware types

Skybox also introduced the industry’s first security posture management solution that combines vulnerability management with threat hunting. Based on its exposure management process that emphasizes publicly known vulnerabilities and identifies control gaps, Skybox now also associates vulnerabilities with malware by name, category, and different categories – including ransomware, remote access trojans (RATs), botnets, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrencies, and more.

“Executives and board members want to know if their cybersecurity teams are ahead of the latest celebrity malware like TrickBot, REMCOS, FormBook, AZORult, Ursnif, Agent Tesla and NanoCore,” said Ran Abramson, Threat Intelligence Research Lab, S.C. . “Powered by Skybox Threat Intelligence, CISOs have automated analytics that can prove they’ve retired millions of malware and exploits. No other cyber security solution can provide customers with our advanced vulnerability prioritization and threat trend reporting.”

Expanded integration eliminates complexity, reduces administrative burden and provides more effective cyber security

With over 150 integrations, Skybox Security is the only solution that comprehensively models a customer’s unique hybrid environment with all of the customer’s L3 devices. Extended integrations include:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): Extended cloud capabilities include support for AWS Firewall in distributed mode. Reduce risk in validating compliance by eliminating permissive, obsolete, shadowy and redundant rules.
  • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI): By adding new capabilities to its Cisco ACI integration, Skybox now provides granular visibility into ACI fabric tenants across extended networking, micro-segmentation policies and device attributes.
  • Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud: Furthering its commitment to shift-left security practices, vulnerabilities in container images on DevOps toolchains can now be identified and prioritized for remediation through the Skybox multi-factor risk scoring algorithm.

Skybox Cloud Edition accelerates customer value with increased flexibility, scalability, business agility and flexibility

Skybox Cloud Edition delivers the capabilities of the Skybox Security Posture Management Platform in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to unlock additional business agility and flexibility benefits.

  • The first SaaS solution for security policy management: By leapfrogging the competition, Cloud Edition capabilities reduce software installation maintenance tasks. Streamlined licensing and deployment are designed to meet customer demands.
  • Advanced vulnerability and exposure management: With the industry’s most flexible deployment options for vulnerability and exposure management (both on-premises and SaaS versions), customers can choose a deployment model that aligns with their corporate and regulatory requirements.
  • Unlimited scalability: Manage security policies, prioritize vulnerabilities and resolve exposures in the most complex on-premises, cloud, operational technology (OT) and hybrid environments. Automate, verify and execute risk mitigation.
  • Fast deployment option: Reduces deployment time and purchasing hardware, testing and installing updates – enabling customers to unlock value faster. Customers with large, global environments will benefit greatly from the size and diversity of their attack surface.
  • Instant automatic updates: Customers benefit immediately from the latest product innovations and platform updates. Modifications are much less disruptive, requiring no change management resources. Seamless, automated upgrades are critical due to the dynamic threat and regulatory landscape.
  • Guaranteed Availability: The solution is hosted in AWS for superior stability, performance and guaranteed availability. In addition, 24/7 monitoring of tenants at both the Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) maintains optimal network performance and real-time analytics for continuous threat mitigation.

Customer quote

“We had an endless stream of vulnerability remediation work. Everything seemed critical. That’s why we moved to Skybox: because it gave us the priority model we needed.” – Cybersecurity Director, Manufacturing Organization

“Skybox has given us overall visibility of the network – something we didn’t have before. You can’t really put a number on it, but it has a huge impact.” – Chief Network Engineer, IT Security Company

“It was burning up. Because of that, one of my engineers has changed his life. He actually said it over and over, ‘It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.’ If it had been anyone else, I doubt we would have kept anyone in that position much longer.- Information Security Manager, Financial Services Institution

“Critical assets are tracked in Skybox, and risk is assessed. If there is a vulnerability, we can fix it immediately. It is reflected in Skybox and we have evidence for future audits.” – Information Security Manager, IT Security Company

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Skybox Cloud Edition is now available. To learn more about the Skybox Security Posture Management Platform, visit

About Skybox Security
More than 500 of the world’s largest and most security-conscious enterprises rely on Skybox for the insight and assurance they need to stay ahead of the dynamically changing attack surface. Our security posture management platform provides complete visibility, analytics and automation to quickly map, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities in your organization. The vendor-agnostic solution intelligently adapts security policies, actions and change processes across all corporate network and cloud environments. With Skybox, security teams can now focus on the most strategic business initiatives and ensure the enterprise remains secure.

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