Reliance Jio: Industry 4.0 Is a Promising Opportunity in the 5G Era, Says Reliance Jio CTO | Techno Glob

Industry 4.0 is a complicated but promising opportunity in the 5G era that will require closer collaboration between telecom operators and industry verticals, as well as domain experts, to unlock its value, said Shyam Mardikar, CTO of Reliance Jio.

Calling Industry 4.0 “the most complicated and promising vector”, Mardikar told a panel discussion at the Indian Mobile Congress that this is where deep coupled collaboration between industry verticals will occur. industry and telecommunications.

“We’re talking about domain experts in manufacturing, we’re talking about domain experts in agriculture, domain experts in commerce, education, healthcare, all of these guys will now have to reinvent their world with this whole digital platform,” he said.


Mardikar said 5G will lead to increased data consumption on the consumer side.

“I think you’re going to need bite-sized connectivity now with bite-sized devices, but in the millions and tens of millions and hundreds of millions or even billions at the future. And it’s going to hit us in the ecosystem in the future,” he said.

The telecommunications industry leader’s chief technology officer said unlike consumers and machines, industry collaboration will be crucial for tailor-made solutions to be offered to businesses under various scenarios.

“What you will see is that your depth of penetration into your consumer business via mobile handheld will increase dramatically, your depth of penetration into connecting objects, devices, whatever you say will increase,” Mardikar said.

“And then the way the business operates on the industry side, where these domain experts have to play and make us understand how to convert them. But that’s what makes the 5G promise much more pervasive.”

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