Raiders owner sends message about coach Josh McDaniels’ job security after ugly 2-5 start to 2022 season | Techno Glob

When the Raiders hired Josh McDaniels in January, they had high hopes for their new coach, but the 2022 season slowly turned into a disaster. Not only did the Raiders start 2-5, but they arguably hit rock bottom in Week 8 during a 24-0 loss to the Saints that marked the team’s first shutout since 2014.

After that loss, Raiders owner Mark Davis had a lengthy postgame meeting with McDaniels, According to It was the second meeting with McDaniels in six weeks Called Davis’ officeThat led to some speculation that the Raiders owner might be looking to fire his first-year coach.

However, this is not the case. inside A short statement released to the Las Vegas Review-Journal On Monday, Davis made it clear that McDaniels isn’t going anywhere.

“Josh McDaniel is our head coach and will be for many years to come,” Davis said.

Davis’ vote of confidence in McDaniels may not sit well with many Raiders fans, who have been calling for the coach to be fired following the loss to the Saints.

McDaniel thrived during his time as the Patriots’ offensive coordinator, but so far, he has struggled in his time as an NFL coach. McDaniels got his first coaching job with the Broncos in 2009, but was fired in 2010 after going 11-17.

Although he received plenty of interest over the past 12 years, McDaniels declined to take another coaching job until the Raiders offered it. With the Raiders making the playoffs last season, expectations were high in Las Vegas and McDaniels didn’t live up to them. It looks bad for the Raiders that he’s struggling because of first-year coaches like Kevin O’Connell (6-1 with the Vikings) and Brian Daboll (6-2 with the Giants). So far this year has been a success.

After the loss to the Saints, McDaniels admitted he needed to do better.

“Obviously it wasn’t good enough in any way, shape or form,” McDaniel said of the shutout loss via PFT. “And that’s my responsibility, so I’ve got to do a really good job of preparing myself to go here. We’re better than that, and I apologize to Raider Nation for that performance, and again, it’s my responsibility. It’s my responsibility, so we’ve got to do a lot better.” It’s going to take, of course, to be able to compete in every phase of the game with a team that’s got good coaches, good players, obviously came prepared to play and did a much better job than us. . . . So that starts with me, and we’re going to work hard. We’re going to Will fix it.”

The Raiders still have plenty of time to turn their season around, especially when you consider they’ll play three teams in the next three weeks that are currently below .500 (Jaguars, Colts, Broncos). If the Raiders can go 2-1 or 3-0 in that span, McDaniels will have plenty of time to save the season. However, if the Raiders falter in this stretch, the cries to dump McDaniels will only get louder from Raiders fans, but they will fall on deaf ears as Davis plans to keep McDaniels for “years to come.”

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