Q3 2022 Information Security Report | Techno Glob

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Secure browsers brighten the cloudy outlook for information security startups

VC activity in information security slowed in Q3, with deal value falling 58.8% in North America and Europe. The quarterly total includes early-stage secure browser companies Talon and Island, which landed two of the three mega deals.

Pitchbook analysts say companies are increasingly pursuing debt rounds rather than raising funds at low valuations. Exit activity continued to slow in the third quarter with only 16 exits.

Our latest Emerging Tech Research tracks emerging opportunities in areas such as browser security, compliance automation and exposure management. The report includes spotlights on private companies in the space, including Exabeam, Lacework and Sneak.

Table of Contents

Vertical overview 3
Q3 2022 timeline 4
The Information Security Landscape 5
Information Security VC Ecosystem Market Map 6
VC activity 8
Emerging opportunities 15
Browser security 16
Compliance Automation 19
Exposure Management 22
Select Company Highlights 25
Exabeam 26
Lacework 28
Snyk 30

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