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Who do you trust? There may not be a more complicated question that you will never be asked. Sure, an online user might be well informed not to give too much information or make strangers vulnerable, but when their favorite apps like Tik Tok are also spying on them, you can never worry.

When it comes to protecting yourself online, few names rank higher than McAfee. A high-profile cybersecurity authority since the 1980s, it has spent the past 40 years building the world’s most robust system of protection against an ever-expanding array of online digital threats. Now, users can get all-in-one protection with a complete suite of personalized, easy-to-use McAfee security solutions with the newly unveiled McAfee+ Total Protection Advanced subscription plan.

Featuring a full range of security tools, McAfee+ focuses on users rather than devices. As a result, it offers award-winning protection against threats and viruses while passionately focusing on securing your online identity.

McAfee+ is a full-service security blanket for all your protection needs, including credit monitoring and score reporting, identity monitoring, password management protection, and personal data cleanup to keep you safe online.

McAfee can notify you if your credit has ever been compromised, apply an immediate credit lock to prevent further theft, and freeze any transactions still in progress. Your McAfee Total Protection Advanced also comes with financial coverage in the event of an attack, including up to $25,000 to cover losses from a ransomware attack or $1 million if your identity is compromised online.

Of course, McAfee+ Total Protection Advanced also comes with all the protection features you’d expect from elite security services, including VPN, firewall, antivirus security, file shredder, and more. McAfee even employs a full range of trained security professionals who can help if your identity is stolen or if your devices or systems are compromised. US News & World Report also ranked it among the top five best antivirus software packages in 2022 by US News & World Report.

Right now, you can get a one-year top-tier subscription to McAfee+ Total Protection Advanced for unlimited devices for $89.99 — more than 50 percent off the retail price of $199.99.

Prices are subject to change. First year cost. Introductory pricing for new customers.

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