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The French priest who gave Princess Diana the last rites as she lay dying in hospital has condemned scenes in TV drama The Crown which recreate the lead-up to her fatal crash in Paris.

Father Yves-Marie Clochard-Bossuet says: “Their filmmaking is commercially driven, and they are only interested in attracting as many viewers as possible.”

The scene in Paris last month was shown on Netflix recreating the Pont de l'Alma crash that killed Diana and Dodi Fayed.


The scene in Paris last month was shown on Netflix recreating the Pont de l’Alma crash that killed Diana and Dodi Fayed.Credit: Getty
Princess Diana is played by Elizabeth Debicki in The Crown


Princess Diana is played by Elizabeth Debicki in The CrownCredit: Netflix

Yes, that’s the name of the game. But here’s the thing: viewers don’t have to play it.

But we always do. And we will do it again.

Mark my words. Despite the widespread criticism and online message boards filled with virtue signals about how disgusted they are with Princess Diana’s usurpation of the crown, the breakdown of her marriage and her subsequent death, the majority of them will still watch and that ” “Tendency” will happen. Series five will be released next week.

Therefore, it will likely be one of the highest rated TV shows on the platform this year.

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William's pleas are ignored as the crown recreates Dana's Bashir interview

Considering that, our online lives are monitored and driven by algorithms for what we want to eat, wear and watch, it means that more of the same real-life tragedies will be programmed to serve as viewers. To feed the obvious desire.

In Britain at the moment, the most-rated show is The Watcher, a drama based on a real-life case of a couple forced out of their home by an evil letter writer who also targets their children.

In second place, after several weeks in the top ten, is Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, about the real-life serial killer who killed and dismembered 17 men and boys.

So it is, in full Technicolor, that Netflix’s British subscribers love real-life stories of a whimsical nature.

There is nothing unusual about it; It’s pretty much the same story globally too.

But save us from wrong wrath.

Whether it’s Charles and Camilla’s “tampongate” phone call and Diana’s harrowing interview with Martin Bashir (both in series five, closely followed) or the scenes leading up to Diana’s death in Paris (series six, out next year) , quite a few. We will wrap it up.

Princess Diana was a box office hit when she was alive - so if you don't like the crown, don't watch


Princess Diana was a box office hit when she was alive – so if you don’t like the crown, don’t watchCredit: Rex

And that means executives at Netflix, and all the other platforms that need high ratings to survive, will be scrambling to find the next shock project to satisfy our ideological tendencies.

My bugbear with The Crown, as expressed in this column a few weeks ago, is that it doesn’t do enough to warn the global audience that it’s a fictional dramatization and that it’s at the beginning of every episode. Should be a flag bearer.

But will I wrap up series five and six with the same enthusiasm that I watched the rest of this beautiful TV series?

You betcha, and at least I’m honest about it. There aren’t many.

Princess Diana was at the box office when she was alive. And she lives on 25 years after her death.

If you don’t like it, help promote algorithmic change by refusing to view it.

Brave call by Suella

SUELLA Braverman is Labour’s worst nightmare.

Sir Keir Starmer and others are well aware that the migrant crisis is out of control and a significant part of Redwall voted for Boris Johnson because they thought he would solve it.

Syllabus Broman is Labour's worst nightmare


Syllabus Broman is Labour’s worst nightmareCredit: Getty

Now the Sawela Brewer-man-than-most speak the language of millions of ordinary people, who believe thousands of young people are unstable, mostly coming here as economic refugees.

This is why Labor is repeatedly throwing stones in its path and why Rasheed Sink must be held tight and allowed to sort out genuine refugees from the rest.

If she perseveres and shuts it down, Labor knows they will be out of power for another decade.

A silent word

Collins Dictionary has released new words and phrases that define the past year.

Permacrisis means “extended period of instability and insecurity”, while “law” means to use law to intimidate the opponent.

But perhaps the most apt term to describe post-Covid Britain is “quiet leave”, which, in pursuit of a better work-life balance, means doing the absolute core amount of work necessary but nothing more.

A process, some might argue, that has been quietly completed by some sections of the civil service over the years.

Celebs’ Halloween costumes a horror show

Machine Gun Kelly is dressed as a priest while his fiancée Megan Fox kneels before him and takes communion as a chained dominatrix.


Machine Gun Kelly is dressed as a priest while his fiancée Megan Fox kneels before him and takes communion as a chained dominatrix.Credit: Instagram
Kendall Jenner dressed up as Toy Story's Jessie the Cowgirl for Halloween


Kendall Jenner dressed up as Toy Story’s Jessie the Cowgirl for HalloweenCredit: Adrian Martin

Remember the days when Halloween consisted of a few little kids going from house to house covered in an old bed sheet with their eyes covered?

Thanks, mainly, due to the influence of the United States, the original “horror” concept has been somewhat reduced.

Check out Kendall Jenner as Toy Story’s Jessie the Cowgirl. . . With the added twist of his back on the show.

It seems that even a wholesome yet feisty child-watching role is not immune to sexism by the moon brigade.

Or how about US rapper Machine Gun Kelly dressed as a priest while his fiancée Megan Fox kneels before him and takes communion as a chained dominatrix?

No, me neither.

Mrs Fox has three children, aged nine, eight and five, from a previous marriage.

Given that I almost died of embarrassment when my mom once attended a parent’s night out in a crimson hat, God only knows what they make of their mother’s exhibitionist tendencies.

Hot air to the rescue

Our energy bills are through the roof because Putin has shorted us and cut corners.

Fracking will get us out of the hole but, thanks to a minority of activists, the ban briefly lifted by Truss has now been reinstated.

All the idiots want to glue themselves to the roads/walls etc “just stop the oil” with no viable alternative.

And we currently have enough sun to heat the kettle once a fortnight.

So how, exactly, are we going to solve our energy crisis?

Maybe put the hot air expelled by some paint-throwing protesters to good use?

Shame on you, Greta

Greta Thunberg says she 'can't keep up' with British royal family


Greta Thunberg says she ‘can’t keep up’ with British royal familyCredit: Rex

Asked if she had ever met King Charles, climate change activist Greta Thunberg replied: “I think I have.”

“I can’t keep track of the British royal family, there are too many.”

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I'm 22 years old, mother of three and now I'm pregnant with babies - people think I'm crazy

She met the globally recognizable figure, who had already spent the best part of two decades championing the environment, when she was still in sustainable nappies.

Still, I understand what happens when you miss too much school.

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