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Google’s long-awaited Pixel Pill has in any case landed to effort to tempt customers clear of Apple’s dominant iPad and manufacture the large-screen units helpful in the house by way of changing into a ingenious show when now not in lively importance – a quality that turns out so evident it’s a miracle why nobody has attempted it sooner than.

The Android capsule prices £599 ($499/A$899) and springs with a magnetic charging speaker dock to allow its twin serve as tremendous energy. It’s Google’s first Android capsule in 8 years and marks the corporate’s struggle to reignite the section following up on its contemporary instrument efforts.

The undocked Pixel behaves as a usual 11in capsule operating Android 13 and lines consumer profiles so it may be simply shared with multiple member of the population, one thing Apple nonetheless refuses to do with the iPad. The Pixel Pill gets no less than 5 years of instrument updates, longer than maximum Android competition.

The Pixel has a just right fingerprint scanner within the energy button that timbers you in for your entire tableting wishes. {Photograph}: Samuel Gibbs/the Dad or mum

The LCD conceal is parched, shining and vibrant. Its 16:10 widescreen ratio makes it slightly towering when held in portrait, which takes some getting worn to for apps. However movies, footage and alternative content material glance and tone stunning the usage of the 4 audio system within the Pixel, which grant stereo tone irrespective of which manner up you stock the capsule.

It has the similar supremacy chip as Google’s Pixel 7 telephones and handles more than one apps and video games neatly, age battery while is worthy at about 12-hours of video playback in checking out.

Android at the obese conceal

The app dock on the screen of the Pixel Tablet.
The usage of two apps side-by-side is lovely simple the usage of the dock. {Photograph}: Samuel Gibbs/the Dad or mum

The Android capsule revel in has progressed lately. Each major Google app has been redesigned to make the most of higher monitors. Gmail has a split-pane view together with your inbox at the left and an perceivable e-mail at the proper. Chrome looks as if the desktop browser and will park two lively home windows side-by-side in break up conceal as can Google Doctors and alternative apps.

Multitasking is treated by way of a dock or taskbar on the base of the conceal, which may also be pulled up age in an app by means of a scale down swipe rituality. Drag and leave an app from it to at least one facet of the conceal to go into split-screen form or press and stock at the app icon to pop up a tiny menu to reach the similar end result. A slider lets you resize the pair of apps.

The back of the Pixel Tablet in hazel.
The capsule has great rounded aspects and a textured coating over the aluminium frame that makes it more uncomplicated to stock. {Photograph}: Samuel Gibbs/the Dad or mum

The gadget works positive, and there are lots of extra third-party apps optimised for Android on a capsule than there have been even a era in the past, together with WhatsApp, Spotify and Evernote. Others equivalent to Philips Hue simply paintings like blown up telephone apps, which isn’t a stunning revel in.

Nearest there are lots of such because the Ring, Instagram, Authy and alternative usual apps that disagree to resize, showing as smaller apps with obese dim bars overlaying the extra of the conceal. It is going to whip some struggle from Google to get these kinds of third-party builders to play games ball.

A screenshot of the Instagram app running on the Pixel Tablet.
Instagram and others don’t manufacture tablet-sized apps and ceaselessly don’t even let their telephone apps scale correctly, for the purpose of broad divisions of the conceal being blacked out. {Photograph}: Samuel Gibbs/The Dad or mum


  • Display screen: 11in 2560×1600 60Hz LCD (276 pixels an inch)

  • Processor: Google Tensor G2

  • RAM: 8GB

  • Store: 128 or 256GB

  • Running gadget: Android 13

  • Digicam: 8MP entrance and rear

  • Connectivity: wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, USB-C, UWB

  • Dimensions: 258 x 169 x 8.1mm

  • Weight: 493g

As a ingenious show

The Pixel Tablet docked in hub mode showing photos.
The conceal is a ways upper attribute than any ingenious show in the marketplace, which makes your footage glance splendid. {Photograph}: Samuel Gibbs/the Dad or mum

Stick it at the magnetic dock to price the capsule activates “Hub Mode”, which permits any individual to speak to it similar to a Nest Hub ingenious show. They are able to ask Google for game ratings, play games song or video, command ingenious house units and poised timers.

As a ingenious show the Pixel has fewer of the shortcomings regular to the units, equivalent to being restricted to the video, calling and song products and services immediately supported by way of Google Laborer or Alexa.

You’ll simply perceivable the right Android app at the capsule and get started taking part in a video, manufacture a choice or play games a sport, which makes the Pixel a lot more versatile. You’ll additionally forged to and from the Pixel, which is a primary for a capsule.

The dock
The dock has a sovereign speaker that steps up the bass and quantity of the capsule the year it’s docked for song, video and Laborer’s accentuation. {Photograph}: Samuel Gibbs/the Dad or mum

I discovered on occasion it couldn’t listen me reasonably in addition to the most productive ingenious presentations. A few times the capsule stayed at the lockscreen in lieu of triggering hub form when the software lost in standby at the dock. The choices for customising conceal luminous in positive lighting fixtures statuses and alternative regular options of ingenious presentations are extra restricted. Those tiny pre-release niggles really feel like they may be able to be simply fastened with app updates.


The back of the Pixel Tablet docked.
Charging of the battery is restricted to 90% when docked to extend its helpful while. {Photograph}: Samuel Gibbs/the Dad or mum

Google does now not grant an anticipated lifespan for the battery however it must latter in profusion of 500 full-charge cycles with no less than 80% of its latest capability. The capsule is repairable by way of Google and third-party retail outlets with conceal maintenance costing £319 and authentic alternative portions to be made to be had from iFixit.

The units are made with recycled aluminium, glass, uncommon earth parts and plastic, accounting for 35% of the capsule and 40% of the charging dock by way of weight. The corporate publishes environmental have an effect on stories for a few of its merchandise. Google will recycle impaired units detached of price.


The Pixel Pill begins at £599 ($499/A$899) together with the charging dock and ships on 20 June.

For comparability, the Amazon Hearth HD 10 Plus prices £190, the OnePlus Habitat prices £449, the Apple iPad prices £499, the iPad Wind prices £669 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 prices £749.


The Pixel Pill is an interesting experiment from Google at attempting to determine what crowd do with pills in the house and manufacture higher importance of them for the 80% of the occasion they’re typically simply left on a espresso desk.

The 2-in-one thought of a capsule that docks to be a ingenious show many of the occasion is such a good suggestion it’s a miracle nobody has pulled it off sooner than. The attribute of the Pixel’s conceal makes it stunning for video but in addition the most productive virtual picture body you’ll get. The versatility of Android is way more tough than conventional ingenious presentations too.

As an Android capsule the Pixel could also be in most cases neatly achieved. Tough plethora with cast battery while, just right audio system, a pleasing design and worthy instrument. 3rd-party app assistance is bettering, however Google nonetheless has a accumulation of labor to do if it’s going to check the iPad for capsule actions just because builders create extra and higher apps for Apple’s software.

At £599 in the United Kingdom, the capsule is lovely dear, although 10in or higher ingenious presentations are no less than £200 on their very own. It’s extra competitively priced in america at $499.

Amazon’s Hearth pills are inexpensive, OnePlus’s Habitat has a smoother conceal and Samsung’s pills manufacture for higher computer replacements. However the Pixel Pill may simply be the most productive Android capsule as a result of it’s higher suited for being a shared population software that comes in handy whether or not actively being worn or now not.

Professionals: two-in-one capsule and ingenious show, dock integrated within the field, stunning conceal, just right audio system, cast battery while, worthy efficiency, more than one consumer accounts, recycled subject material, just right video name digital camera.

Cons: pricey, Android revel in nonetheless a piece in exit for pills, not so good as an iPad for apps, conceal best 60Hz.

The Google Pixel Tablet showing the home screen laying on a table.
The Pixel Pill presentations Google’s efforts to make stronger Android pills are in any case paying off. {Photograph}: Samuel Gibbs/the Dad or mum

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