October Box Office: Dubbed Movies Minute Money | Techno Glob

A total of 28 films were released in October, including dubbed ones. Dubbed movies performed better than undubbed movies in this category. Dubbed movies are two big hits this month. The Godfather, The Ghost, and Sathyamtam were released as Dasara specials during the first week of October. The Ghost of Nagarjuna was one of those films that was immediately dismissed as a failure. The Godfather, a remake that initially received some favorable reviews, later saw its box office numbers fall short of expectations. The third film, Swati Mathyam, was neither a bad material nor a strong performance at the box office. By Diwali, the film was available on demand without any theatrical wait.

Around 10 films were released in the second week. Kantara was the only hit film of that era. The film may build on the buzz its original Kannada version produced in Karnataka. As a result, all other films fell flat at the box office. These included films like Ninne Pelladatha, in which Rakul’s brother acted. There were mediciners and gardeners.

The effect of the dubbed films continued till the third week. The films Auri Devda, Geena, Prince and Sardar were released exclusively on the occasion of Diwali. The chief of Karti was the greatest among them. To some extent, Ori Devda is fine. Geena and Shahzadi could not make a difference at the box office. The films Rudraveena, Tihar College, and Anukoni Prayanam were released in the last week, though there was no impact. Therefore, at the end of the month, only Kanara and Sardar were considered Hittites.

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