NVIDIA 535.86.05 Linux Driving force Recoveries Over the top Reminiscence Importance, Kernel Panic On Complete vRAM

NVIDIA as of late revealed their original strong level loose within the R535 Linux driving force line to healing a lot of remarkable problems.

NVIDIA 535.86.05 is the unutilized loose as of late that simply delivers diverse strong trojan horse medications for this stream R535 driving force line. Highlights of as of late’s NVIDIA Linux proprietary driving force replace come with:

– Mounted a trojan horse that led to over the top reminiscence intake when OpenGL and Vulkan packages have been working month VT-switched clear of X.
– Mounted a trojan horse that would reason the kernel to panic when video reminiscence is complete.
– Mounted a trojan horse that averted shows from refreshing when the use of an NVIDIA PRIME Show Offload sink.
– Mounted a trojan horse that would reason some Variable Refresh Charge (VRR) displays to flicker by way of permitting the refresh fee to let go underneath the track’s minimal.
– Mounted a trojan horse that led to corruption when working Vulkan packages.
– Mounted a regression that would reason a gadget grasp when working windowed Vulkan packages with sync-to-vblank enabled.
– Mounted a video reminiscence splash noticed when turning off a hooked up track month the use of positive Wayland compositors.

A number of reminiscence matching medications, a healing for Variable Charge Refresh (VRR) displays, and alternative helpful trojan horse medications construct up the v535.86.05 driving force for Linux customers.

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The NVIDIA Linux driving force replace can also be downloaded from NVIDIA.com.

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