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Finland’s Nokia and Sweden’s Ericsson said they are optimistic about their business in 2023 on the back of 5G deals with India’s top two telecom operators Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel and easing supply chain challenges.

Nokia president Pekka Lundmark described the 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) deal with Jio as an important milestone in India, saying it would create a huge opportunity in India. “We won 45% of the 5G radio network for Bharti Airtel, and of course now we have the deal with Reliance Jio, which is really important because that client is not in the radio network business. 4G at all. Our market share is 0%,” he said. Lundmark.

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Recently, Nokia and Ericsson signed deals for 5G radio from Jio. Details of the contracts were not disclosed. In addition, two European vendors bagged 90% of Bharti Airtel’s $2.5 billion 5G contracts, with the balance going to South Korea’s Samsung.

“This (Jio deal) is very important new customer engagement and important market share for us. We have already said that our ambition is to grow and gain market share faster than ever in mobile networks. We believe this will put us on track to deliver that,” said Lundmark.

Nokia may review the terms of the deal at an appropriate time, Lundmark said. “It’s not a small slice. It’s a significant market share. So it represents significant volume potential for us.”

The company expects North American sales to normalize after a strong year. And Indian operators’ aggressive 5G network deployment plans will increase volumes in 2023.

In the quarter to September, Nokia reported a 12% year-on-year rise in India sales from ₹250 million to ₹281 million, but sales fell 1% on a constant currency basis.

Ericsson CEO Børje Ekholm said he expects India to have the strongest digital infrastructure outside of China after the rollout of 5G networks in the country. He said the 5G cycle has only just begun, with less than a quarter of LTE networks worldwide upgraded to 5G mid-range.

“I would say it shows that there is still a lot of growth potential in this market. Let me take one example, India, where we are seeing massive MIMO in the mid-range rapidly. India is probably the strongest digital infrastructure outside of China, which is driving the digitization of India.” gives,” Ekholm said.

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