NMDFC signs MoU with ICICI Foundation to provide self-employment training to minority youth | Techno Glob

Agartala November 01 2022: National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation (NMDFC) on Monday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ICICI Foundation to impart self-employment oriented skills training to minority youth in New Delhi.

Dr Rakesh Sarwal IAS Anuj Agarwal, CMD of NMDFC; The COOs of ICICI Foundation signed the MoU in New Delhi. The MoU will be implemented for three years.

The objective of the MOU is to pool training capacity in 26 ICICI Skills Training Academies and 26 Rural Self-Employment Training Centers with credit from NMDFC.

NMDFC is the Ministry of Minority Affairs; There are 8 “non-profit” sectors working under the auspices of the government. The main mandate of India’s NMDFC is Muslims; Christians The Sikhs Buddhists Parsi and Jain minorities, Muslim; Christians The Sikhs Buddhists To provide concessional funding for occupational groups favoring Parsis and Jains and activities in “backward sectors” favoring women. .

ICICI Foundation will provide details of candidates undergoing skill training and beneficiaries already trained to NMDFC for providing credit support. Also, ICICI training institutes will provide free Skill and Financial Literacy Program (FLP) training to minority candidates recommended by NMDFC.

The CMD said that NMDFC and ICICI Foundation have a mutual intention to serve the backward sections of the minority community and bring them into the mainstream. NMDFC said. In addition, NMDFC Term Loan, as credit and training go hand in hand. Credit support will be extended to trained candidates under Micro Finance and Virasat Schemes. COO ICICI Foundation has fully supported his agency to work towards market-based solutions for members of minority communities.

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