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The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the AMS held yesterday evening was the third in 40 years, with more than 1,100 members present and the AMS carried out all the activities successfully.

The 2022 AGM held Monday evening on Zoom had six motions on the agenda, including formally endorsing the CUPE 2278 campaign to organize all student workers and calling for a tuition freeze and sustainable food security funding.

AMS also offered $5,000 in prizes — $500 tuition credits for 10 students — to students who attended the meeting. This was a $1,000 increase over last year’s AGM, which failed to meet a quorum.

The proposal was passed by an ‘overwhelming majority’

Students passed a resolution that formalized AMS’ support for CUPE 2278’s unionization efforts. The campaign comes as research assistants and student academic workers have been trying to organize for years to combat toxic work environments and wage inequality.

“Consolidation is the only way they can solve these problems together, and legally UBC is required to negotiate with them,” AMS President Eshana Bhangu said in promoting the proposal.

According to Bhangu, the motion was passed by an “overwhelming majority”.

A further motion called for UBC to provide sustainable and long-term food security funding.

The food insecurity came to the fore after students staged a walkout on Oct. 21 to protest UBC’s lack of funding and growing demands for aid being ignored.

“UBC cannot claim to be a world-class university when it comes to offering Band-Aid solutions,” Bhangu said.

The proposal was approved with 93 percent votes.

A fifth proposal proposed continued advocacy from AMS “to UBC and the provincial government for tuition freezes or tuition reductions” and that “provincial grants cover all lost revenue for universities.”

Bhangu talked about student fatigue as tuition increases every year and how the government needs to provide more funding to UBC “so students don’t have to pay all these costs.” The proposal was approved with 94 percent votes.

Prize winners are announced after all proposals are approved. Interestingly, the quorum of the meeting was reduced — the quorum is about 600 students — minutes after the awards were given. Bhangu then adjourned the proceedings ahead of the scheduled town hall session.

Last year, AMS continued its AGM town hall session despite not having a quorum.

In a comment sent to UbisiBhangu explained that the town hall would have been considered an “unofficial meeting” and that the best practice was to end the meeting once the quorum was reduced.

She said AMS will pull the questions submitted at yesterday’s meeting and post the answers on their website. She added that the student body will consider retention methods to ensure that there are enough people for town halls in the future.

Motion summary

Motion 1: Approval of agenda. passed

Motion 2: Financial Statements and Auditors. passed

Motion 3: AMS Position on CUPE 2278’s Unionization Efforts. passed

Motion 4: AMS calls on UBC to fund sustainable food security. passed

Motion 5: AMS calls for tuition freeze. passed

Motion 6: Report from the Chairman and Managing Director. passed

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