Methods to Listing Teams in Linux (CLI and GUI Modes)

In Linux, each person is a part of a set referred to as a “group.” And for environment friendly machine control, it’s steered to often checklist and test all teams for the presence of any suspicious customers. On this article, we can speak about the most productive modes to checklist all teams to your Linux machine.

Methods to Listing All Teams from the Linux Terminal

The usage of the command sequence is the best way to checklist all teams in Linux, particularly for novices. Worth both of the modes crystal clear underneath for a similar:

1. The usage of teams Command

The most straightforward Linux command to checklist all teams is the teams command. Merely run the teams command, and you’ll get all teams within the output.


2. The usage of the identification Command

The identification command is in most cases impaired to checklist staff ids for the respective machine teams. However it may be changed to turn handiest the crowd names by way of including choices as follows:

identification -G -n

Within the above syntax, -G is impaired to print the crowd IDs, and -n is impaired to print the respective staff names rather of the crowd IDs (-n choice can handiest be impaired with -G, -g, and -u).

using the Linux command id to list all groups

3. The usage of the snip Command

All details about the teams to be had within the machine is saved throughout the report “/etc/group.” To checklist all of the Linux staff names from the report, importance the snip command as follows:

snip -d ':' -f 1 /and so forth/staff 

That is what the syntax way within the above command:

  • the snip command is impaired to clear out the categories of textual content within the report “/etc/group” in keeping with some regulations discussed
  • -d ‘:’ is impaired to specify the delimiter as ‘:’
  • -f 1 is impaired to pull out the first grassland which accommodates the crowd names
  • /and so forth/staff specifies the report title to pull out from
viewing all groups using the cut command

Methods to Listing All Linux Device Teams (GUI Mode)

Although the CLI form to checklist all teams to your Linux machine is the primary selection for many customers, some would possibly wish to importance the graphical interface for a similar. Right here’s the GUI form to checklist all teams.

1. Observable the Settings/ Command Middle to your Linux distro.

Opening control center from system settings

2. Choose “Users and Groups” from the “Administration” division.

select users and groups settings from administration section

3. This may distinguishable a unused window named Customers Settings. Click on on “Manage Groups” right here.

click on manage groups to view groups

4. Scroll thru your entire checklist of all teams to test the crowd names.

GUI method to list all groups in Linux

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