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Columbia and Sony Lila, Lila Kamar Then there is the first big kid-friendly flick DC League of Super Pets, but that wasn’t enough for the $50 million release to open very well this terrible weekend. Will Speak and Josh Gordon’s live-action musical (with an animated cast) grossed just $3.525 million on Friday for a likely $11 million over/under weekend. It is equal Peter Rabbit: The Runaway, which opened in June 2021 under various covid-specific conditions. Sadly, it looks like a scene where only viewers wanted to see it peter rabbit (25 million dollars in early 2018) This does not mean that they were enthusiastic about each other with the concept of ‘animated animals interacting with live-action humans’.

Based on Bernard Weber’s 1965 picture book of the same name, Night, night, night Not the brand awareness/interest of something like Clifford Big Red Dog or Paddington. While reviews were generally okay (68% fresh but 5.6/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, showing that the Tomatometer only tells half the story), it’s not making anyone outside of the ‘kids and their parents’ demographic. . That the film’s stars Javier Bardem and Constance Wu (who was on his way to becoming Bit In Set stars before Covid) clearly didn’t move the needle, and neither did the new songs by Benj Pasak and Justin Paul. To be exact, from the people who sang the song The greatest showman Last year did not help Dear Evan Hanson.

I expected this one to ‘overperform’, partly because of the other peter rabbit The movies were great and because there hasn’t been a big baby in two months. That said, it’s the only movie specifically for kids between now and Walt Disney in theaters.
strange worldso equal to the first on the feet peter rabbit ($110 million/$25 million) wouldn’t shock me. I have no idea how this will perform in a foreign country. It doesn’t have it Paddington or peter rabbit Popularity of the British. It is possible that it will be just like a leg Clifford the big red dog ($49 million $16.6 million Fri-Sun and $22 million Wed-Sun debut) and ending / $35 million below. They will get my money tomorrow.

20th Century Studios’ $80 million Amsterdam ( review ) Totally tanked, earning just $2.6 million on Friday for a potential $7 million domestic debut. It’s still a tragedy, no matter what you think of Russell’s on-set behavior (reportedly quite volatile) or whether you like the movie. Disney spent money and worked. Its failure (however inevitable) won’t help make it officially more of a content mill for Fox Hollow (save for a few franchises like Planet of the Apes, Avatar And Deadpool). 1930’s comedy thrillers (with Kristen Bale, Margot Robbie, John David Washington, Taylor Swift and Robert De Niro, among others) I really enjoyed. I would argue that it is Russell’s best film three kings

However, I’m clearly in the critical minority (33% and 5.1/10 on Rotten Tomatoes). Besides, it’s not until late 2013 when audiences turn up for a vaguely defined adult-skewing crime drama. American Hustle ($250 million worldwide) Simply because it looks sensational and has many movie stars (Bell, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.). to do justice American Hustle Selling sex, while selling this one furnace. The marketing was somewhat vague about the actual plot, in part because A) the film bounces around in terms of past tense and present tense plot, and b) it would explain what the film would ultimately be in terms of real-world history. is the. To give the basic mystery.

Besides, this is 2022, and the audience no longer goes to the movies to go to the movies. Movie stars no longer bring audiences to theaters unless they are adding value to a franchise and/or playing a marquee role that is clearly connected to their screen (Tom Holland in unknown = Peter Parker with guns) or off-screen (Joaquin Phoenix in joker) personality. Unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock or (if the movie ever reopens theatrically) Kevin Hart, you’re at best part of an added value element or star + character IP package (Robert Pattinson is… Batman). This is slightly different from the late 2021 failure theater (off-hand). Last duel, last night in Soho And King Richard.

Meanwhile, the bloodthirsty Damian eliminated Leon Terrible 2 (review) 850 theaters for a Thursday-Monday theatrical engagement. The sequel to the cult Killer Clown movie was partially funded by an IndieGoGo campaign. It’s an untitled, 138-minute ultra-gore slasher epic that is, yes, better than its predecessor. It earned $480,000 on Thursday and another $320,000 on Friday for a $960,000 Fri-Sun frame and a likely $1.1 million Thurs-Sun debut. It should gross around $1.25 million in a six-day opening (usually playing only one or two evening shows in each theater) and earn a place in box office trivia as the film overshadows Tom Cruise. Top Gun: Maverick Of the top ten. It will work, Art (joke). it will do

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