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James Cameron avatar It opened with $10 million domestically and $30.5 million worldwide this weekend. This makes it, for better or worse, the highest-grossing film at the worldwide box office. It is the biggest domestic collection since then Jurassic Park 3-D ($18 million) in April 2013. which marked the unofficial end of a brief surge of 3-D re-releases of super-popular blockbusters such as The Lion King, Titanic And Star Wars Episode One – The Phantom Menace. The $30.5 million worldwide total already makes it the biggest global re-releaseā€¦ avatar. The Sam Worthington/Zoe Saldana epic returned to Chinese theaters in early 2021 where it grossed an additional $57 million, pushing it back Avengers: Endgame As the world’s highest grossing film. It’s re-released its global gross past $2.9 billion, and it confirms that, yes, general audiences care. avatar.

what the avatar The kind of always-online fandom associated with Marvel, star wars or game of thrones, it still earned $760 million domestically and $2.75 billion worldwide in 2009/2010. It still earned an additional $430 million in DVD and Blu-Ray sales (through 2014 alone), overall (at least among the DVD and Blu-ray majors). frozen ($416 million) comes close. We certainly haven’t spent the last decade obsessing over Pandora and memorizing names avatarof the main characters (his name is Jack Sully … his name is Jack Sully!). However, most of the audience treated avatar In the same way they treated the biggest deals like theater blockbusters The Last Jedi, Age of Ultron or Star Trek Into Darkness. They saw it once or thrice in the theater, liked it or loved it (or not), and went on with their lives.

As I (and others) have argued over the past few years, these are the things that create avatar Sometimes it feels like a ‘forgotten blockbuster’ has inspired a skewed renewed nostalgia for its sole existence. It was just one movie, an original author-specific film that prioritized top-shelf filmmaking and clockwork plotting over remarkable dialogue and memes. It was clearly not intended to launch a cinematic universe or provide fodder for a streaming spin-off series; It wasn’t a feature-length prologue to the sequel and it stayed ‘together’ for more or less 13 years. I was not a fan of the final season lost, but how old has the show been with only a single six-season television epic remaining, with no spinoffs, reboots or adaptations in the works. Likewise, Cameron’s avatar It came, got rave reviews, won a few Oscars, conquered the box office and then ‘disappeared.’

Still, with a sequel on the way and three more in various stages of production, avatar Still ‘only’ a theatrical franchise. What is stuck in everyone’s mouth Waterwaythe audience saw avatar Been to the theater once or twice and (generally speaking) liked the experience a lot. The notion of taking another trip to Pandora after thirteen years is certainly an attractive theatrical proposition if only for a lack of commitment. Shown to the audience the hobbit trilogy ($2.9 billion on three films) as they were shown star wars Forecasts ($2.53 billion) due in part to reasonable commitments. One movie every year for three years or three movies every three years is very different from unlimited television episodes or a five-part prequel franchise run by a shareholder. harry potter.

$57 million in China and $30.5 million everywhere else and counting is proof that audiences still care. avatar At least enough to roll the dice on its first impulse. That’s not even counting the new fans generated by Disney World’s ‘Pandora – The World of’ avatar’. I don’t know that Avatar: The Path of Water The next three chapters will be good enough to inspire sustained interest. But in terms of commercial results, even 50% of the global drop will bring it in Frozen II/Top Gun: Maverick area In addition, a full release in China ($205 million in 2010 on 10% of screens available now) should make up for a slight decline globally. However, this weekend’s box office results, once again making James Cameron ‘King of the World’, belie the notion that no one cares. avatar.

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