Korea Box Office: ‘Secret Assignment 2’ Wins Weekend | Techno Glob

Comedy action film “Confidential Assignment 2: International” topped the South Korean box office for the fourth weekend in a row. Its continued success came despite several new releases intended to capture the National Foundation’s holiday weekend traffic.

Between Friday and Sunday “Secret Assignment 2” earned $2.19 million from 304,000 ticket sales, and a market share of 29%. Weekend earnings brought it to a total of $43.3 million since its release on September 7, 2022.

It is only the fourth film this year to pass the 6 million viewer mark and the third Korean film to do so, following “The Roundup” (12.7 million) and “Hansan: Rising Dragon” (7.26 million).

Korean comedy, “Honest Candidate 2” opened in second place with $1.74 million over the weekend and $2.69 million in five days after its release on Wednesday.

Korean music, “Life is Beautiful” placed third. It earned $1.07 million over the weekend and $1.75 million in its opening seven days.

Two other new titles, both animated, reached the top five. Japan’s “Kryon Shin-chan: School Mystery!” The Splendid Tenkasu Mysteryā€¯ grossed $899,000 over the weekend and $1.04 million over five days. The Korean-made “Hello Carbot the Movie: The Secret of the Suspicious Magic Troupe” earned $538,000 over the weekend and $612,000 over five days.

Monday is a public holiday in South Korea, meaning there could be some upside for the box office. (There are two more holidays on October 9 and October 10.) But recently a cinema has done little to revive its fortunes.

The latest weekend grossed $7.71 million nationwide, compared to the previous week’s non-holiday session, which grossed $7.21 million.

With the exception of the Chuseok holiday in mid-September, the Korean box office has returned to $7-10 million per weekend since early August. It strengthened more than three months after most COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in early May.

The rush of newcomers had the effect of crowding out two recent releases, the re-released original “Avatar” and the Korean thriller “Project Wolf Hunting.” “Avatar” managed $697,000 over the weekend for a current release total of $2.30 million. “Project Wolf Hunt,” fell from second to seventh with a weekly score of $270,000. It now has a 12-day total of $3.07 million.

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