Julia Roberts: Ticket to Paradise Box Office Collection: Julia Roberts, George Clooney Starrer Earns $60 Million at the International Box Office | Techno Glob

Romantic comedies are not doing well at the box office. But George Clooney and Julia Roberts are the big names that have captivated audiences. The film has fared better at the box office than other films of the same genre such as “Last Christmas”, “The Lost City”, and “Crazy Rich Asians”.

“Ticket to Paradise” grossed $10.5 million from 61 territories, including its debut in Mexico ($1 million), France ($1 million), Italy ($800,000) and Australia ($8.5 million). It also earned $7.4 million in the UK and Ireland and the same amount in Germany. The film will release on October 21 on the big screens in the US and Canada.

“Amsterdam,” a star-studded cast that includes Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, Taylor Swift and John David Washington, did not fare well in its international box office debut, grossing just $3.5 million in 30 markets. It also opened to low-stellar in North America, earning $6.5 million. It cost Disney and New Regency $80 million to produce.

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  1. Which other movies are currently doing well at the box office?
    Thriller ‘Smile’ is doing well and has earned $50 million in North America and $40 million overseas. The release of ‘Avatar’ last weekend earned $3.9 million from 51 markets.
  2. What is ‘Ticket to Heaven’ about?
    The movie “Ticket to Paradise” tells the story of an ex-husband, played by Clooney and Roberts, who try to stop their daughter from marrying a comparative stranger.

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