Jio 5G phone: Reliance Jio to launch Rs 12,000 5G phone after 5G coverage expansion: Counterpoint | Techno Glob

According to a Counterpoint Research report, Reliance Jio aims to launch a 5G phone priced below Rs 12,000 once the 5G coverage reaches a good point.

The report says that Jio expects to increase its 5G network to target a wider base of mass-market 4G smartphone users with its 5G smartphone.

“Furthermore, at some point in 2024, Jio will be forced to launch a 5G mmWave + sub-6 GHz smartphone as the deltas between the two have narrowed significantly from an overall BoM (bill of materials) compliance perspective,” the statement said. said.

According to the report, Reliance Jio has leveraged its partnership with Qualcomm as well as bulk orders with Samsung and supply chains in China and Korea to bring down the price of the Jio Phone Next below $60.

Display and storage accounts for 22% of the individual materials bill. The displays will be provided by the new Chinese TXD, while the storage and memory will be provided by Samsung.

The camera modules in the Jio Phone Next are manufactured by Korean supplier SK Hynix, while the battery is manufactured by Chinese supplier Guangdong Fenghua NEW Energy CO., LTD. Both components independently make up 9% of the value of the National Bank.

Jio Phone Next’s processor is provided by Qualcomm along with sensor and modem which is 11% of the BoM cost.

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