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The Golden Knights triumphed 2-1 in overtime, but Hellebuyck can’t be blamed for the game-winner – Jack Eichel took advantage of a Jets trio that ran out of gas and undecided in the dying seconds of the extra frame , netting and scoring.

Jets defensemen will have to tighten around Hellebuyck if they want to make the playoffs. Last season, he was overworked and exhausted in March due to the number of starts he made and the amount of rubber he saw on each start. During the stretch run, the quality of his game dropped dramatically.

The Jets’ season has started pretty well, all things considered

With that old habit rearing its ugly head, one should be quite heartened by the way the Jets have embarked on a pivotal campaign where nothing less than the long-term trajectory and franchise relevance are at stake.

Going into play Tuesday, they’re tied with the Dallas Stars for first place in the Central Division, impressive considering all the adversity they’ve already faced.

Their opposition has been strong, as they faced the 2021-22 Eastern Conference finalists New York Rangers, three teams considered Stanley Cup contenders in the Golden Knights (twice), Maple Leafs of Toronto and the St. Louis Blues, and last season Colorado Avalanche Cup Champion.

They have played seven of nine on the road, seven of nine without first line Nikolaj Ehlers and eight of nine games without new head coach Rick Bowness, who has had health issues following his COVID-19 diagnosis. and did not join the team on the road trip. They also only have one goal from a badly snake-bitten Kyle Connor, which was an empty net.

They have a lot to improve on and growing difficulties to overcome – 60-minute efforts have mostly eluded them as they have varying degrees of success, period by period, playing the Bowness way. Their special teams are also in development, as the power play operates at 13.3% efficiency and the penalty kill operates at 79.2%. Ideally, these numbers should add up to 100 or more.

However, seeing the Jets pull through and work hard is refreshing after seeing mostly complacency last season. Good teams find ways to win when they’re not at their best and if the Jets keep doing that, we may have to consider them a good team.

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