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An Iranian lawmaker in western Iran said at least six protesters had been killed in the northwestern city of Mahabad in the past three days.

In an interview with Ruda news channel, Jalal Mahmoodzadeh, the representative of Mahabad in Parliament, said that the civilians were killed by direct firing by the security forces.

Mahmoudzadeh added that he would ask the interior minister about the results of the investigation into the deaths.

The Norway-based Iran Human Rights Organization said at least 18 people have been killed in West Azerbaijan province since nationwide protests began.

Mahabad in West Azerbaijan province, with a large Kurdish population, has been the center of fierce clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces in recent days.

Last Thursday, a large mob took to the streets in the city and occupied the governor’s office and some other buildings. It followed the funeral of 35-year-old Ismail Moloudi, who was killed during protests the night before.

Meanwhile, protests against the clerks continued on Tuesday despite threats from the authorities. University students across the country staged strikes, sit-ins and demonstrations to express their anger at the government’s inhumane policies.

In Tehran, Beheshti, Sharif, Al-Zahra, Amirkabir, Kharazmi, Allameh, Azad North and Azad East It was the scene of anti-government protests demanding the release of arrested students.

In Amol, Isfahan, Yazd, Mashhad and other cities, students staged sit-ins and chanted slogans against the Islamic Republic.

Students at Mashhad University of Journalism announced that they will not attend classes until further notice due to arrests, threats and suspensions of students across the country.

Video obtained by Iran International Show Student at Beheshti University of Tehran “Sharif, Beheshti and Tehran have become university prisons…” chanted.

Reports say that in the past few days, the security office at Malayer University in Hamedan province has threatened to suspend and expel nearly 200 students.

Along with universities, school students also protested and raised slogans on Tuesday.

The woman is seen in the social media video Students in Karaj and Shahryar “So many years of crime, death to this leader” took to the streets near Tehran [Khamenei].”

In another video, schoolgirls from Sanandaj are seen chanting “Women, Life, Freedom”.

According to reports coming from the southeastern provinces of Sistan and Baluchistan, hundreds of citizens blocked the extraction of gold from the Taftan mine on Tuesday.

Taftan is one of the largest gold mines in Iran, but the people declared that “this mine belongs to the Baloch nation and they will not allow outsiders to extract and spend the wealth of Balochistan.”

Total gold available from mines in the province It is estimated to be 38 tonsBut only 12 to 13 percent of local people have been able to work in these mines. Some clan chiefs said on Tuesday that “we will be buried here, but we will not let you rob the mines.”

At the same time, Zahedan’s Sunni Imam Molavi Abolhamid addressed the government in a tweet, saying, “For 43 years, the government has worked with the support of the good people of Iran; When the public is fed up with the actions of the authorities, should repression, coercion and violence be resorted to? Have you thought that you will have to live with these people in the future?”

Meanwhile, youths in Tehran and neighboring Tabriz called for anti-government demonstrations in all cities on Wednesday, November 2.

“Child-murdering and brutal regimes must not think they can continue their crimes and killings forever! Let Khamenei and his followers know that they will pay for all the blood they have spilled,” said a statement released on his social media.

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