Iran called on the UN Security Council to disarm the Kurds in Iraq | Techno Glob

The Islamic Republic of Iran has called on the United Nations Security Council to close the headquarters of Iraqi-based Kurdish groups and try to disarm them.

Mission of the Islamic Republic to the UN In letters to members of The Security Council claimed that attacks on Kurdish groups in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region “are aimed at protecting the country’s national security.”

The clerical regime has renewed attacks on Kurdish targets in the Iraqi Kurdistan region since protests began in Iran in September, accusing separatist Kurdish groups of fanning the flames of conflict, launching sustained missile and drone attacks over the past five days. Iranian Kurdish cities by supporting the protesters.

In letters to UNSC members, Tehran alleged that it had “recently launched a necessary and proportionate military operation against the bases of terrorist groups in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, which was carefully planned and precisely targeted at terrorist locations.”

It also stated that the Islamic Republic had shared “irrefutable evidence and credible information” about the use of its territory by “terrorist and separatist groups to plan, support, organize and execute terrorist and subversive acts” with the central government in Iraq. .

The letter comes as the UN Human Rights Council is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting on Thursday regarding the ongoing protests in Iran.

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