How an attacker evaded cameras, security, police to enter Nancy Pelosi’s home | Techno Glob

According to the federal affidavit against DePape, the unidentified security guard told police he saw a man walking away dressed in black and carrying a backpack. A law enforcement source said San Francisco police regularly patrol the area but do not have a permanent station at the home.

It’s unclear if any alarms in the home went off, but authorities said DePepe managed to get to the second floor after breaking in.

There, he found Paul Pelosi, 82, asleep and repeatedly yelling, “Where’s Nancy?” Officials said.

Sensing the potential danger, Pelosi made a quick, secret phone call to 911 and opened the line, officials said. The 911 dispatcher realized something was seriously wrong and immediately dispatched police to the address. Authorities were told that a man named David, whom Pelosi did not know, was in the home.

When an official came to Pelosi’s door and asked, “What’s going on here?” DePep and Pelosi were wrestling with hammers, officials said. Then DePape “fell” from Pelosi, “stepping back and Mr. blew Pelosi,” hit him in the head “with full force with a hammer” and knocked him unconscious, according to court filings seeking to deny DePep bail.

While officers disarmed DePep, Pelosi lay in a pool of blood for three minutes before regaining consciousness, according to the motion.

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