Health Care Safety and Security Week | Techno Glob

so, Health care safety and security personnel play an important role in Michigan’s health care industry; and,

so, Healthcare safety and security personnel across the state have a critical responsibility to maintain high levels of quality and service in their practice to provide excellent protection to healthcare facilities, staff, patients, visitors and the community; and,

so, The professionalism, courage and resilience of healthcare security and safety personnel contribute to the diverse and evolving health security needs of Michigan’s population; and,

so, The increase in violence against healthcare professionals, the expansion of criminal activity in the healthcare setting, and the growth of an aging population using healthcare facilities are increasing the demand for healthcare security and safety services; and,

so, Healthcare safety and security professionals, while leading with excellence and protecting carefully, demonstrate a strong commitment, diligence and focus in their practice, which are critical to quality of care and care in healthcare;

so now, I, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, do hereby proclaim October 9 through 15, 2022 as Health Care Safety and Security Week in Michigan.

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