‘Halloween’s End’ Sees $50M+ Opening, Revamping Biz – Deadline | Techno Glob

Over-Under at Universal/Blumhouse/Miramax Halloween is over Its first weekend grossed $50 million at 3,800 theaters. Some even see it possibly touching $60M, and that’s with theater dates and dates at the Peacock. That opening alone is what all movies are averaging at the box office over the past three weekends: $55M.

In 2021, Part 2 of the Subset Trilogy from David Gordon Green, Halloween murder, opened to $49.4M and up to $92M stateside, also with Peacock available. The service is still green, not as muscular as HBO Max or Disney +, so this is why ticket sales will not be too bad.

Why the rush on part 3? It’s the series finale from Greene and co-writer/producer Danny McBride, with Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her iconic scream-queen role of Lori Strode. The R-rated threequel is expected to appeal to the over-25 crowd like the previous two.

The screening will begin Thursday at 5 p.m. It looks like the picture will be in theaters exclusively for the night before it hits the Peacock.

The first reboot was done Halloween From Blumhouse, Miramax, Green, McBride and Curtis opened for the fourth-best debut at the October domestic box office in 2018 with $76.2M; Best for a movie about serial killer Michael Myers. The pic also topped the franchise with $159.3M domestically and $255.5M worldwide. The third weekend in October used to be a dead zone for production, but Halloween Change that.

Meanwhile, Paramount take a smile, Another horror film in the market, with nearly $8M, looks to ease 55% in weekend 3. The picture had an impressive second Monday on Indian People’s Day with $2.66M, up 21% from the week before, for a running total of $53.4M.

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