‘Glide’ Manufacturer Panda Addresses Teejay, DJ Mac Drama Situation Collision Track

All used to be smartly between dancehall artist Teejay and DJ Mac till the closing contacted Warner Song Team to assert manufacturing credit for the summer time anthem, Glide. That is in step with Panda, the fresh instrumentalist and co-producer of Glide. Teejay’s Manage Braff Song label is indexed because the alternative manufacturer.

The rising good fortune of the track attracted a publishing and document trade in with Warner Song Team in June, however could also be brewing controversy shape possession and returns. 

The tale is going Panda, a ghost instrumentalist in need of to travel from the shadows, despatched Teejay the Banga Rock riddim in March, on which he recorded Glide. In need of to present the track an even shot, Teejay recruited DJ Mac to be the face of the manufacturing, making an allowance for he’s related with hits like Valiant’s Pace Off and Jahshii’s Born Fighter

In this premise, the publishing rights – normally owned by means of those that composed the lyrics, melodies and notes of the track – would proceed to Teejay and Panda. The grasp rights – which guard the untouched tone recordings in most cases owned by means of the artist and/or document label that funded them – would proceed to Panda and Manage Braff Song.

Teejay, DJ Mac

In a since-deleted interview at the Let’s Be Fair podcast, DJ Mac credited himself as government manufacturer for Glide, claiming to have financed its promotion. This may additionally produce him entitled to grasp rights, which Panda showed in his facet of the tale. 

“He’s making money off the song because you’re on the masters of the song that was distributed to Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, the streams – that’s your money…” Panda stated on The Healing podcast.

“Teejay signed a publishing deal with Warner so anybody at all weh supposed to a reach out to Warner is the beatmaker or the artist or who mix the song… We pay off dah person deh already (Simpack, the beatmaker), so a just me and Teejay already have the right to reach out to Warner.”  

He didn’t recognize DJ Mac as “executive producer”, rather pointing out his position as sending “the DJ dem the song and then when time come fi di video shoot now, yuh know seh everybody chip in: dat a fi him label – Top Braff, me chip in and Mac chip in… Mac help with some of the expenses… I was listed as the sole owner because a my song. Him (Teejay) voice the song for me, but he decided that he would get Mac a cut for his part he played which is sending out the song and helping with the music video.”

Teejay in studio with DJ Mac in 2022.

Mac stated he by no means claimed to be the instrumentalist in the back of Glide, and needs to be compensated for the “legwork” finished to spice up the track, together with the use of his title as a part of the promotion. Mac steered that Teejay’s actual factor is with Romeich Main, his wave associate and Teejay’s former supervisor. Main allegedly began probing whether or not DJ Mac used to be being paid for Glide showing in a business for telecommunications corporate FLOW. 

“Dem have the FLOW ads running on YouTube, radio, TV, all of those stuff, so, every time mi a ask somebody about what is going on with this bro, nobody cya give me no straight answer,” DJ Mac stated. “Somebody a send me contract and a seh, ‘Yow bro, mi waan yuh sign off pon this’, and mi a seh, ‘Mi cya sign off pon something mi nuh know bout’… When mi ask bout it, ‘Yow, mi soon call yuh back’; never call mi back.”

The worth of the untouched track in a business would see the grasp proprietor receiving sync licensing royalties, however the FLOW advert sees the instrumental being performed and Teejay shouting out FLOW’s summer time promotion. Panda described it as a dubplate and no longer the untouched track being old within the advert, aside from DJ Mac from royalties.

Manufacturer Panda and Teejay

“When a song go big and a artist get dub fi some sound and dem thing deh, the person that supposed to collect money from that dub is the artist… Instead of one sound, FLOW reach out to an artist and seh, ‘Yow, mi waan yuh do one dub’. Who supposed to be entitled to that money? That’s national TV. That a play pon radio and etc., so, my beat is being used, so, dem need clearance for that as well. Remember you don’t own the beat and a nuh you write the song…so dah money deh a nuh fi yuh.”

He expressed unhappiness in his title being excluded as a performer at the track’s major credit, however didn’t push the problem because it used to be already allotted and he didn’t need to intrude with the streams. 

In spite of the Glide drama, Panda is proud that the track met his “summer anthem” expectancies, and is now moving his consideration to pristine tune. 

Nonetheless, the status has served as a reminder to “always safeguard yourself as a beatmaker. Yuh cya go wrong with pen and paper.”

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