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On paper, a critically acclaimed thriller from one of the best directors in the business that grossed nearly $240 million at the box office and earned five Academy Award nominations, it would be a show for sequels that were already planned ahead of time. There was, but it didn’t turn out to be David Fincher’s The girl with the dragon tattoo.

Shortly after the film’s initial release, Fincher confirmed that he was planning to shoot The girl who played with fire And The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest Take a look back at Chapter Two, which hits theaters in 2013. The filmmaker remained confident despite several delays, but in late 2015 it was revealed that the soft reboot The Girl in the Spider’s Web He was at work.

To the shock of very few people, the remake was derided by critics and audiences alike as the worst of the five features starring Lizbeth Slender, and it failed to recoup its $43 million budget. Then it flopped for good at the box office. — which was less than half the cost of Fincher’s flick.

It has been over a decade The girl with the dragon tattoo One of the cinema’s biggest franchises became a complete failure, and yet people on social media are still struggling to wrap their heads around what happened to the property.

If you are excited The Girl in the Spider’s Web To its core, then, it’s a reboot of a reboot of a trilogy adapted from a literary series, milking a property for all it’s worth in a nutshell. There were doubts that anyone would be interested in seeing another Lisbeth out minus Fincher and Oscar nominee Rooney Mara, and those concerns proved right on the money.

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