George Clooney and Julia Roberts just crossed a major box office milestone with Ticket to Heaven | Techno Glob

ticket to heaven is a new romantic comedy reuniting fan-favorite actors Julia Roberts and George Clooney. The two stars have worked together many times and have developed a long friendship over the years. Obviously, this friendship has been very fruitful, and the couple has contributed a lot to the film industry, earning billions of dollars.

this weekend, ticket to heaven Opened overseas, reeling in $60.6M to date (by Deadline). This box office number has also made Roberts and Clooney a billion dollar industry together. The box office numbers from all five productions these two mega movie stars have combined now total $1.007B at the global box office. The highest grossing film at the moment is 2001 Eleven of the seawhich came in at $451.5M, followed by 2004’s Twelve of the sea ($364.3M), 2016 mini monster ($93.9M), and in 2003 Confessions of a dangerous mind ($36.9M). ticket to heaven It is yet to release in the US, so their box office collections could skyrocket once that happens in the next few weeks.

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