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HOLLAND, Mich.–(Business Wire—Geogentia, Inc. announced today that security expert Brandon Gregg has been named Chief Executive Officer. Previously, Greg was responsible for overseeing Seagate Technologies’ robust security strategy as Vice President of Global Trust and Security.

“The Board and I are pleased to announce the appointment of Brandon Gregg as CEO of Geogentia. With his unparalleled experience managing security-focused teams in complex and geographically diverse environments, we are confident that Geogentia Lens will be a successful launch,” the Geogentia company said. – Founder Vijay Richard. “Mr. Gregg is highly respected by his peers and is viewed as a mentor by many in the fields of investigations and program management. To say we are delighted with his new position at Geogentia is an understatement. His unwavering leadership and deep expertise will greatly benefit the company and our clients. .”

During his tenure at Seagate Technology, Greg built a comprehensive team and security strategy to protect the company’s global business operations. He has been supporting Geogentia as a consultant for the past year.

“We are working hard to expand Geogentia’s services to help law enforcement and private companies solve complex investigative problems,” said Gregg. “I’ve already had a remarkable experience collaborating with Geogentia to develop a strong and exceptional law enforcement program, and I’m excited about the next phase, Geogentia Lens.”

Geogentia Lens is launching this month, providing end users with unprecedented access to powerful geospatial intelligence and exploration tools. With a focus on big data, Geogentia continues to develop leading-edge tools to meet the needs of local, state and federal government agencies and private companies that make it easy to discover, understand and apply large amounts of information to real-world investigations.

Geogentia is a proud sponsor of the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail 2022 Expo and will be showcasing their new platform and algorithms at booth #48 from November 7-10, 2022. Contact Geogentia directly to find out how they can solve your most challenging inspections.

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About Geogentia

Geogentia is a US-based investigation and intelligence company specializing in geospatial big data. The company provides geographic data to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as well as private companies.

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