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what we do

emergency assistance

When disasters destroy infrastructure and food supplies, when violence forces thousands to flee, or when drought disrupts food production, Action Against Hunger responds with food, cash and other basic supplies to prevent short-term hunger and help communities build resilience into the future. Emergency

Financial Planning for Women

Through our savings and loan groups, women pool their resources and can borrow to invest in a new business or to meet an emergency.

Climate-smart farming practices

Action Against Hunger uses environmentally friendly approaches to help people use their local natural resources – including land, water, soil and seeds – and grow nutritious food, diversify their crops and build local markets.

Farmers Co-operative Societies

To foster cooperation and education, we create and support farmer cooperatives. Some of these groups come together to lease land for farming, while others share lessons learned with each other. In Uganda, several farmer groups are negotiating fair prices for supplies and creating local demand for nutritious crops such as mushrooms.

Job skills and small business support

From small grants for families recovering from conflict, to seeds and tools to invest in family farms, livestock and veterinary services, to small business support, we help families become self-sufficient again.

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