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When it comes to home security, having eyes everywhere is a dream. While most security cameras are best placed in prime locations, where the most activity happens, pan and tilt models like the Ezviz C6 2K+ move a few steps forward whenever motion is detected.

The best home security cameras can cope with any environment they’re placed in, and the Ezviz C6 is more versatile than most. With AI-powered motion detection that can differentiate between humans and pets, boosted audio for two-way calling, and auto-zoom tracking, its capabilities go beyond what its compact form might suggest.

For those who like cloud storage but a camera without a subscription won’t suit them; However, unlike most options, the C6 offers local storage via a microSD card, in case you want to keep your clips for another day.

Ezviz C6 security camera on white background

(Image credit: Izviz)

Ezviz C6 2K+: Price and Availability

  • List price: $130 / £99.99 / AUS$199.99

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