Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Black Adam’ Monday best fall in box office history, amid star highs – Deadline | Techno Glob

Let’s celebrate this autumn’s box office heyday where we can, a season heavily impacted by the lack of tentpole productions.

But thanks to New Line’s Dwayne Johnson of DC Films, Black Adamthat is changing.

Posting the pic resulted in the actor’s solo star career-best opening of $67M domestic, ($140M WW). Black Adam The best Mondays and weekends (except Fridays) so far this fall $4.5M Next to Paramount the smile which earned $2.98 million on Tuesday, October 4. The film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra has a total of 4 days $71.5M.

Black AdamMonday’s latest pandemic compares to October Halloween murder ($2.7M) and mound ($1.75M) They were both available on Drama Day and Date on affiliate studio streaming services Peacock and HBO Max as well as on First Monday Halloween is over ($1.75M) which was in the same distribution situation.

However, among Johnson’s first Mondays at the domestic box office, Black Adam Strong coffee is best Central Intelligence ($4M), Jumanji: The Next Level ($3.58M) jungle walk ($3.7M) Ski scraper ($2.56M) and to run ($2.5M). DC Seven Bucks is pacing after the first Monday of the anti-hero Johnson Hobbs and Shaw ($5.87M) and San Andreas ($4.8M). even if Black Adam than is a brighter Monday Hobbs and Shaw, It is before that Fast and Furious The spin-off is up 8% in its 4-day total, compared to that picture’s running total of $65.9M in the same period.

even if Black Adam It faced competition from Lionsgate’s big release this weekend Devil’s HuntThe film is expected to dominate its second weekend with $27M-$30M, -55% to 60%.

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