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Dwayne Johnson has celebrated Black Adam’s Sharing an interview from 2009 with the massive box office success, she expressed her love for the title character and her ability to play it. After years of development and significant production delays, Black Adam It finally hit theaters in October, with the former WWE star playing the complex anti-hero Teth-Adam, who was given demigod powers in the mythical ancient Kahndaq before being imprisoned by a council of wizards, and then released in the modern day. . Since its release, the film has grossed over $111 million at the box office, the fastest of any DC film since its release. Aquaman And that gives it the potential to topple Seaman Superhero, which grossed more than $1 billion worldwide during its theatrical release.

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Black Adam The first movie of the new DCU era, it introduces new characters and features some old favorites. The Justice Society of America, a team consisting of Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell), is a new band of heroines introduced – Screen, with the ability to feature in future projects. Although it is not made clear why, the team receives instructions from Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), who is a possible link between the former DCEU and the new DCEU, which has been implemented since James Gunn’s DC. Played a co-lead role in the studio. .

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take to Twitter, Johnson celebrated Black Adam’s journey by posting an interview back in 2009 with his friend and MTV News reporter, Josh Horowitz. In the clip, a young Johnson comments that he is “still pumped” to have the opportunity to play Black Adam, but understands that projects like these involve a lot of people who all want their creative input. be heard From day one of the film’s conception, Johnson was one of the people throwing his judgment into the mix about how it should be done, predicting that one day, if everyone shared the same collective mind, the project would “Notorious” will be. Check out the tweet below:

Why did Black Adam take so long to make?

Before the film suffered major delays due to Covid as well as post-pandemic demand for VFX houses, there were times when Black Adam Moved before closing. The film’s journey began back in 2007, when Johnson was first attached to star, initially pitting his character against Shazam, but after script issues it was decided to separate their stories into separate films. should be separated. To develop the breathing space of the character. After several rewrites, Shazam! It finally made it to theaters in 2019, with Black Adam There is still backlash and rumors that he is the first to feature Suicide Squad The standalone film was quickly abandoned before it was finally released this year.

With the difficult journey that this film has endured, it seems that Johnson is already in talks about the future of the character, which he has fought so passionately to play since the 2000s. This is positive news for those who have been following the concept of this project for a long time, but it can be said that the film came too late while the future of the DCU is still very much in doubt. Slow and steady may be compared to Johnson, but there is room for consideration Black Adam There is enough to save the movies yet to come from DC.

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