DJ Mac Credit Himself For Flow’s Good fortune, Says Teejay’s Actual Factor Is With Romeich Main

Meteoric manufacturer DJ Mac is crediting himself for the good fortune of Teejay’s summer season anthem Flow. 

The ‘Uptop Boss’ outed DJ Mac days in the past for allegedly looking to get pleasure from the music’s manufacturing credit, although it used to be produced via Panda and Teejay’s Govern Braff Song label. 

In a since-deleted interview at the Let’s Be Fair podcast, DJ Mac stated he served as govt manufacturer on Flow, which noticed him spending cash and making connections for it to explode. 

“Mi pay fi mix the song,” DJ Mac began. “Me and him pay fi shoot the video. Mi pay influencers on TikTok, mi pay fi promotion. Mi a send out to everybody fi the whole a di disc jockey dem get the song. Mi a go a road a night time fi mek sure people play the song… When the song play mi a dash money… Basically, the legwork of the job mi really cover and most of the expenses as well.”

He added, “The fact that you’re putting my name on a song alone means that you want to use it for your personal gain, that’s obvious. So, you cannot just go out and say DJ Mac did not produce the song…”

The tale is going (consistent with Teejay and DJ Mac), Panda, a ghost instrumentalist in need of to proceed from the shadows, despatched Teejay the Banga Rock riddim in March, on which he recorded Flow. In need of to present the music an excellent shot, Teejay crash up DJ Mac, asking him to be the face of the manufacturing, taking into consideration he’s related with hits like Valiant’s Velocity Off and Jahshii’s Born Fighter

“Mac, hear weh yuh do now,” stated an alleged expression notice from Teejay, which Mac shared with Let’s Be Fair.

“Just tek up everything. Just deal with artwork, all a dem thing deh. Mi a go fix up the song and send yuh the file and yuh just deal with everything weh yaa deal with fada.”

Every other recording stated, “Mac, mi waan tun up the thing yah to now dawg. Every two week, mi waan drop a song cause mi notice Sumfest and Dream and the whole a dem go round me… Mi nuh waan hold no song – f**k album too… All a dem song yah mi have pon the album, mi waan release dem. Me will work back pon one new album when dem song yah buss and mi build back a momentum inna the road. Mi haffi come back a Jamaica, mi need yuh by mi side… Mi nah lef you alone outta dis.”

DJ Mac and Teejay in studio ultimate while. (Photograph: @wanefearon/DJ Mac Instagram)

The 2 were running in combination for once in a while, as documented on DJ Mac’s social media, with him including that he has ten unreleased Teejay songs that have stalled since the deejay allegedly doesn’t consider in them. He heard that the Henne & Weed artist used to be “corrupt”, however labored with him out of a herbal inclination to present population probabilities. Plus, he favored Flow. 

“A my negligence in the sense that…yuh see because somebody come to you with dem sad story bro, yuh not even a look pon it fi seh, ‘Yow Teejay, see a contract yah’.”

He stated he used to be offered with a pledge when the music took off, however pointed to the a lack of verbal exchange and forms as a part of the rivalry. Total, he believes Teejay’s red meat is in point of fact with leisure entrepreneur Romeich Main, whose camp he has partnered.

Teejay used to be signed to Main’s label in 2018, in a while nearest an noteceable efficiency at Reggae Sumfest. He left in 2021, keeping up in early interviews that there used to be disagree evil blood, however DJ Mac painted a unique tale. 

teejay romeich
Teejay (left) and entrepreneur Romeich Main

Mac observable that Main had probed whether or not he used to be being compensated for Flow showing in advertisements via telecommunications gigantic FLOW. 

“We have a partnership now with Romeich and from me seh Romeich, yuh know seh that is where the issue is coming from…” DJ Mac stated. “Dem have the FLOW ads running on YouTube, radio, TV, all of those stuff, so, every time mi a ask somebody about what is going on with this bro, nobody cya give me no straight answer. Somebody a send me contract and a seh, ‘Yow bro, mi waan yuh sign off pon this’, and mi a seh, ‘Mi cya sign off pon something mi nuh know bout’… When mi ask bout it, ‘Yow, mi soon call yuh back’; never call mi back.”

“So, now it reach to a point where Romeich woulda link mi now and seh, ‘Yuh know bout this ads?’, and mi seh, ‘Yeah’. ‘You’re getting paid for this ads?’, mi seh, ‘No’. So, wid fi him connections now, him reach out to who him need to reach out to. Them never even know seh I had anything to do with this song because dem already sign off on paper seh Panda produced this song, Teejay produced this song, DJ Mac nav nothing fi do with this song… From that moment, you know seh is greed get involved or whatever the case may be.”

Teejay is now with Sharon Burke’s Forged Company, who helped dot the I’s and move the T’s in a contemporary trade in with Warner Song Crew. DJ Mac believes Flow’s good fortune attracted the trade in, and that Forged Company is making an attempt to exclude him from any business ventures involving the music.

Teejay at Warner Song Crew, Untouched York, with supervisor Sharon Burke (left) and Warner Chapell Song’s CEO Man Moot.

He raised his issues to Teejay, and stated it resulted in the artist devastating him on social media. 

“It reached a level inna the conversation where me did haffi remind smaddi seh, ‘Yow, don’t be ungrateful. Before this, yuh literally a tell me seh yuh not getting booked, all of those stuff, and you asked me for help’… The fact seh yuh haffi remind somebody dem things deh just blow the top off everything.” 

Mac additional claimed that Teejay sought after the riddim to be unique, and used to be displeased that artists like Persistent Regulation and Kaka Highflames had spared songs at the beat. DJ Mac stated Teejay has sabotaged himself with the tirade, and that he isn’t concerned about reconciliation. 

DJ Mac

“This is Teejay’s biggest song. Him can sing Rags to Riches, anything him want to sing bro. Nobody cares what you did last year or yesterday because up to that day, if you did not have this song, we would still have you as an artist who is miserable and upset because he got left out from dancehall.”

The subject has taught him to go into legally-binding guarantees without reference to his rapport with the artist. 

“I know the work weh mi put in. Business is business, principle is principle. You do right business and yuh good.”

His untouched venture is Valiant’s 4:14 mixtape, for which he served as govt manufacturer. 

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