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CYPFER Appoints Global Cyber ​​Security Thought Leader Kadir Levant As Managing Partner, opened a UK office

Toronto And Miami, 1 November 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Daniel TobokCEO of CYPFER, an experienced cyber intelligence leader, Shri. Kadir Levant As managing partner of CYPFER, managing the UK head office serving the UK and European markets.

“The UK and the European Union are under attack,” says Daniel Tobok, CEO of CYPFER. “The Russian invasion led to a geopolitical shift Ukraine “This has created a deliberate inconsistency between EU member states’ applications of international law governing cyberspace and their adherence to the UN’s Cyber ​​Rules Framework, which cannot go unnoticed or uncorrected,” says Tobok. This is where Levant steps in as a key leader in UK and EU cyber security. .and intelligence for CYPFER.

“I am delighted to join the CYPFER leadership,” says Levant. “I have always been very respected and admired Daniel Tobok and their teams are from around the world and are keen to impart my expertise and passion for the industry in CYPFER’s offering but understanding and respecting the task at hand to restore UK. of Europe Business-as-usual relationships inspire cyberattacks and the actors behind them,” says Levant.

Levant began his career in cyber security as a digital forensics investigator with the Metropolitan Police Service. From there he progressed to the cyber insurance industry where he served as a Senior Incident Response Specialist. London. Mr. Levant advanced his career in senior executive roles such as Managing Director and COO in the digital forensics and incident response technology markets where he built high-performing international cyber response teams and executed growth targets multiple times over.

“His (Levant’s) skills in responding to cyber incidents are unique and important to our firm and clients,” says Daniel Tobok, CEO of CYPFER. “A concise and confident response requires strong cyber-intelligence leadership that embodies investigative, analytical and problem-solving capabilities, and Levant is a leading demonstration of these capabilities,” Tobok says.

Levant is recognized as an effective communicator in the cyber intelligence and security industry, having worked with clients at all levels from MDs to IT teams, solving complex technical problems for all audiences across a range of cyber concerns.

“We look forward to our international expansion plans under Levant’s leadership. With CYPFER’s architecture and leadership, I believe our clients will grow more invincible and less vulnerable in an ever-growing cyber-intelligent world,” concluded Tobok.


CYPFER is the market leader in ransomware post-breach remediation, including 1) cyber-attack recovery; 2) consultants; 3) cyber resilience; 4) digital executive protection; and 5) ransomware recovery. The company provides 24/7 services to businesses, organizations and governments, 365 days a year.

CYPFER is the market leader in post-ransomware breach solutions. CYPFER’s core services include:

Founded in 2019, CYPFER is headquartered here Toronto, Ontario. The company employs around 100+ people Canada, United States, Caribbean And the UK plans to grow to 200 in 2023.

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