Btrfs Deprecating Its Integrity Checker Instrument

Btrfs has lengthy equipped a integrated integrity checker device into the file-system motive force. Alternatively, slated for Linux 6.6 is deprecating of this integrity checker.

The Btrfs integrity checker device will also be optionally enabled to ensure the surrounding of the file-system on-disk is all the time constant. This integrity checker shouldn’t be wanted all over commonplace statuses and underneath regular Btrfs file-system operations, however will also be helpful if short of to assure the integrity of the file-system or if not too long ago encountering a kernel panic or power-loss tournament. With the exception of now Btrfs builders have deemed it no longer helpful plethora to stock it round and it posing a upkeep burden with out plethora checking out/utilization.

Enabling this integrity checker calls for a kernel constructed with BTRFS_FS_CHECK_INTEGRITY enabled in addition to having handed the integrity checker mount choices when mounting the Btrfs file-system.

This pocket by way of SUSE’s Qu Wenruo has made it into the Btrfs “for-next” kernel tree to deprecate the integrated integrity checker. The justification for deprecating it and nearest probably casting off it already for Linux 6.7 comes all the way down to:

“The integrity checker attribute must be enabled at collect year (BTRFS_FS_CHECK_INTEGRITY) and nearest enabled by way of mount choices check_int*.

Despite the fact that it supplies some distinctive options which can’t be equipped by way of any alternative sanity assessments like tree-checker, it does no longer most effective have prime CPU and reminiscence overhead, however could also be a upkeep burden.

As an example, it’s the one caller of btrfs_map_block() with @need_raid_map = 0.

Taking into consideration maximum btrfs builders don’t seem to be even checking out this attribute, I’m right here to suggest deprecation of this attribute.

For now most effective blackmail messages might be published, the attribute itself would nonetheless paintings.

Elimination year has been all set to six.7 reduce.”

This variation is predicted along alternative Btrfs attribute paintings for the Linux 6.6 cycle.

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