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November officially brings us into holiday movie season, although it’s starting a little slower than usual, as there’s only one new major release this weekend. Read on for Gold Derby’s box office preview.

Instead of a studio film with a big name star, Crunchyroll comes with Japan’s latest anime film, “One Piece Movie: Raid,” a film that has already grossed $144 million worldwide in its run. Before the North American theatrical release, in both subtitles. and dubbed into the English version.

Anime movies have already been one of my weak spots in terms of box office, simply because I’m not the only one who watches all the latest manga series that are out there on streamers (including Crunchyroll). Otherwise, I might be familiar with “Red,” the 15th feature film in the series based on the “One Piece” comic. Ichiro OdaIt was first adapted by Toei Animation into the “One Piece” series, which began in 1999. The series ran for 20 seasons in Japan with more than 900 episodes, so clearly there had to be a fan base to justify “Red”‘s theatrical release. “

In August, Crunchyroll released “Dragon Ball Super: Superheroes” in 3,018 theaters. It shattered expectations by opening with $21.1 million on its way to $38.1 million domestically. Almost a year ago, FUNimation (which has since merged with Crunchyroll) released “My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission” in about 1,500 theaters where it opened with $8.2 million or $5,174 per theater. Both films show the existence of a North American audience for a theatrical anime release, though that’s wide enough to consider for “One Piece Movie: Raid,” especially not knowing how many theaters it will open on Friday.

I’m betting that “Red” opens somewhere near 2,500 theaters, which should open under $15 million this weekend. Because of this, there is a very good chance Devin JohnsonJ’s “Black Adam” will remain #1 for the third weekend in a row, unless the “One Piece movie” releases more than expected.

Two of the season’s most prestigious films, which have played at several festivals this year, will be released nationwide on Friday with an expansion of Focus Features. James Grayof “Armageddon Time” in an estimated 800 theaters on Friday. the star Anne Hathaway, Jeremy Strong (“Successor”) Sir Anthony Hopkins, Bank Rep And Jalen WebbThe film revolves around Paul Graff, a Jewish kid from Rapita’s Queens, who befriends Webb’s Johnny, but finds himself resented by his schoolmates for befriending an African-American kid while his parents They send him. A private school.

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Greene most recently premiered at Cannes back in May, and has been generally well received since then with a 78% score on Rotten Tomatoes. This past weekend, “Armageddon Time” opened in six theaters in select cities where it made $72,000 or $12,000. In most cases, it will look just fine, but maybe not for such a fast wide expansion when you compare it Todd Fields “TÁR” or “Till” (also starring Webb), both of which were boosted to results last weekend. Granted, both of these films also had slow expansions, so major markets were already playing for weeks.

Fortunately, “Armageddon Time” may be an easier sell to older audiences than some of these other recent films, as it’s something along the lines of “Finding Forrester” or “Good Will Hunting.” By expanding the film to 800 theaters, that leaves room for the film to focus on wider expansion if it gets the award love once it hits December.

film maker Martin McDonaghof the equally well-received “The Banshees of Inheritance,” starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson And Carrie Conron, will be expanded nationwide this week by Searchlight Studios, in select cities for two weeks to build on word of mouth. As of this past weekend, “Banshees” has grossed $790,760 in just 58 theaters, and it’s generated more buzz than its recent festival runs in Venice, Toronto, and, oddly enough, Fantastic Fest.

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Banshees is a very different movie from Armageddon Time, as it’s a period film set on a remote Irish island (with lots of heavy accents!), but it’s also a very dark comedy, two things that probably can make A tough sell to Americans outside the big cities. That said, “Banshees” has better reviews and more prospects when it comes to the Oscars, according to Gold Derby experts, who have three main actors to win their respective categories in second place.

We’ll have to see how many theaters Searchlight gets this weekend, knowing that the rest of the month is packed with next week’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” and all of the movies being released nationwide by Thanksgiving. (Be sure to check out my November box office preview to make sure it’s all coming out in the next few weeks.)

Still, both films are expected to expand this weekend to finish somewhere in the $2 million range this weekend, which may be outside of the top five.

Check back on Sunday to see how all the above movies did.

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