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Laurie Strode is going out with a bang.

“Halloween Ends,” the finale of Universal’s long-running slasher series (will we ever be able to ditch Michael Myers?) is targeting a healthy $50 million to $55 million for its opening weekend, though. with its hybrid release on Peacock. If those estimates hold, it will be the first film to cross at least $50 million since “Thor: Love and Thunder” in July.

“Halloween Ends” is a rare day-and-date release with a fair point of comparison since its predecessor also debuted on streaming during the pandemic. “Halloween Kills” opened to $49 million last October while landing a simulcast on the NBCUniversal-led Peacock — a bloody-good result given the limitations of the COVID-era in 2021. “Halloween Ends,” which is playing in 3,800 North American theaters. The added benefit of removing the full Imax and premium large format footprint.

Given the hybrid rollout for “Halloween Kills” and “Halloween Ends,” it’s unlikely that 2018’s “Halloween” will end up with the series’ top-grossing opening weekend. The pre-pandemic reboot, which returned Jamie Lee Curtis as the perennially targeted Final Girl, opened with an unexpectedly large $77 million and successfully revived the frayed franchise.

If “Halloween Kills” is any indication, ticket sales for the grand finale could be front-loaded. “Halloween Kills” dropped 70 percent in its sophomore outing and collected $92 million in North America and $131 million worldwide. By comparison, the well-received “Halloween” ended its theatrical run with $159 million in the U.S. and $255 million worldwide. In any case, “Halloween’s End” has an economic cost of $20 million to produce, so it won’t take a ton of coins to turn a profit. And Peacock has significantly fewer subscribers than its rivals, such as Netflix and HBO Max, meaning the streaming aspect may not keep many ticket buyers at home.

At the box office, “Halloween Ends” looks set to continue a strong streak for horror films on the heels of “Masquerade” and “Barbarian.” As the only new country offering, “Halloween Ends” will knock off reigning champion “Smile,” which held the No. 1 spot for two weeks.

David Gordon Green returns to direct “Halloween Ends,” which aims to end the 45-year-old film franchise, as vengeful teenager-turned-grandmother Laurie Strode faces off against masked psycho Michael Myers one last time. (Unless, of course, Universal and Blumhouse decide to reboot the series again in a few years.)

In limited release, Emmett Till’s biopic “Till” is opening in 10 of 16 theaters in North American markets. MGM and United Artists are releasing the film in additional locations on October 28. Chinon Chukwue directs a well-revised look at a tragic chapter in American history, which premiered at the New York Film Festival.

Danielle DeWyler played the mother of Emmett Till in the 1950 film, who was lynched at the age of 14 while visiting his cousin in Mississippi. In an AP review, film critic Jake Cowell praised Dead Wailer, who “gives a career-making performance as Mammy, perfectly poised between grief and strength. The film, which is dedicated to Mammy, Finally it’s his.

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